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difficulty englannista suomeksi

  1. vaiva

  2. vaikeus

  3. hankaluus

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vaikeus, hankaluus

  3. este, hankaluus

difficulty englanniksi

  1. The state of being difficult, or hard to do.

  2. An obstacle that hinders achievement of a goal.

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  4. {{quote-journal|en|date=June 27 2019|title=Democratic 2020 candidates clash on healthcare, immigration and economy in first debate|author=Lauren Gambino|journal=The Guardian

  5. Physical danger from the environment, especially with risk of drowning

  6. 2012 August 2, "Children rescued after getting into difficulties in Donegal" BBC Online

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  11. An objection.

  12. That which cannot be easily understood or believed.

  13. An awkward situation or quarrel.