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awkward englannista suomeksi

  1. vaikea, hankala

  2. hämmentävä, piinallinen

  3. avuton

  4. kiusallinen

  5. kankea, kömpelö

  6. tukala, paha, kiusaantunut

  1. kömpelö

  2. kiusallinen, vaivaannuttava, hankala, vaikea, nolo

  3. hankala, vastahakoinen

  4. Substantiivi

awkward englanniksi

  1. In a backwards direction.

  2. (RQ:Mlry MrtArthr1):

  3. Than groned the knyght for his grymme woundis, and gyrdis to Sir Gawayne and awkewarde hym strykes, and (..) kut thorow a vayne(nb..).
  4. Lacking dexterity in the use of the hands, or of instruments.

  5. (ux)



  6. Not easily managed or effected; embarrassing.

  7. Lacking social skills, or uncomfortable with social interaction.

  8. Perverse; adverse; difficult to handle.

  9. (quote-journal)

  10. Someone or something that is awkward.

  11. (quote-book)|year=1912|oclc=2732890|passage=Another important branch of deportment was to seat the awkwards stiffly on the extreme edge of a chair, fold the hands on the very precarious lap, droop the eyes in a pensive way.

  12. (quote-book)|year=1998|isbn=978-0-00-255944-7|passage='What periods are you talking about?' / 'The monthly awkwards. Didn't the girls at Molyneux have them when you were managing director?' / The Rabbit leaned forward, sniffing the air in the immediate vicinity. 'Either you've been drinking or you've got some girl into trouble. Or am I being unfair to you and it's both?'

  13. (quote-book)|year=2014|page=76|isbn=978-1-4767-8800-5|passage=That is a way to make awkwards. And it's not fun to hang out with awkwards more than once.