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nolo englanniksi

  1. ashamed

  2. shamed

  3. hangdog

  4. sticky

  5. embarrassed

  6. mortified

  7. mortifying

  1. (about drinks) having no or low alcohol content, being low-alcohol or alcohol-free

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  3. embarrassed

  4. ''Hän oli kovin nolo jäätyään kiinni itse teossa.''

    ''He was so embarrassed for having been caught in the act.''

  5. awkward, embarrassing

  6. ''Se oli todella nolo tilanne.''

    ''It was a really awkward situation.''

  7. One of the modes of play in (m), bidding to win minimum of tricks; corresponds to the pass or playing low in whist.

  8. hire, hiring, renting

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  10. hire, rental, freight

  11. I am unwilling, I do not wish, I do not want, I refuse

  12. T. Maccius Plautus, Stichus, or The Parasite Rebuffed