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handle englannista suomeksi

  1. korva, otin, kädensija

  2. käsitellä

  3. pidellä, pitää käsissä

  4. kohdella

  5. hoitaa

  1. kädensija, kahva, otin

  2. kahva, ripa

  3. väline

  4. vaihto

  5. lempinimi

  6. kahva

  7. parrunpätkä 2 liters

  8. kosketella, tunnustella

  9. hoitaa

  10. käsitellä

  11. kohdella

  12. käydä kauppaa">käydä kauppaa

  13. käsitellä, käyttää käsiä">käyttää käsiä

  14. Verbi

handle englanniksi

  1. The part of an object which is (designed to be) held in the hand when used or moved.

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  3. (quote-journal)

  4. An instrument for effecting a purpose (either literally or figuratively); a tool, or an opportunity or pretext.

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  6. They overturned him to all his interests by the sure but fatal handle of his own good nature.
  7. The gross amount of wagering within a given period of time or for a given event at one of more establishments.

  8. (ux)

  9. The tactile qualities of a fabric, e.g., softness, firmness, elasticity, fineness, resilience, and other qualities perceived by touch.

  10. A name, nickname or pseudonym.

  11. A title attached to one's name, such as ''Doctor'' or ''Colonel''.

  12. A reference to an object or structure that can be stored in a variable.

  13. A 10 fl oz (285 ml) glass of beer in the Northern Territory. (qualifier)

  14. A half-gallon (1.75-liter) bottle of alcohol. (qualifier)

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  16. Josh bought a fifth of Evan Williams for Andrew as a token of gratitude and Ray, because of the financial constraints, purchased the cheapest handle of whiskey he could find: Heaven Hill.
  17. A point, an extremity of land.

  18. A space homeomorphic to a ball but viewed as a product of two lower-dimensional balls.

  19. The smooth, irreducible subcurve of a comb which connects to each of the other components in exactly one point.

  20. To touch; to feel or hold with the hand(s).

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  22. Happy, ye leaves! when as those lilly hands ... Shall handle you.
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  24. Handle me, and see; for a spirit hath not flesh.
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  26. To accustom to the hand; to take care of with the hands.

  27. 1679, (w), ''An essay upon the advancement of trade in Ireland.''

  28. The hardness of the winters forces the breeders to house and handle their colts for at least six months every year.
  29. To manage, use, or wield with the hands.

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  32. Light on his feet for a big man, he handled the rifle like a pistol.
  33. To manage, control, or direct.

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  35. To treat, to deal with (in a specified way).

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  37. To deal with (a subject, argument, topic, or theme) in speaking, in writing, or in art.

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  39. We will handle what persons are apt to envy others...
  40. To receive and transfer; to have pass through one's hands; hence, to buy and sell.

  41. To be concerned with; to be an expert in.

  42. To up with; to endure (and continue to function).

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  44. For example, a program that loads data from a file needs to handle the case where that file is not found.
  45. To use the hands.

  46. They made of gold and silver have hands, but they handle not
  47. To illegally touch the ball with the hand or arm; to commit handball.

  48. To behave in a particular way when handled (managed, controlled, directed).

  49. to stroke the teats of a cow until they fill with milk

  50. act (to do something)

  51. trade, shop

  52. (verb form of)

  53. to act (''do something'')

  54. to (l), trade, to do business

  55. to shop (''visit shops'')

  56. to (l) (q)

  57. to (l), (l), to do business

  58. to (l) (qualifier)