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nose englannista suomeksi

  1. vainuta

  2. keula

  3. nokka

  4. kärki

  5. tökkiä kuonolla

  6. nenä

  7. vainu

  8. edetä hitaasti, liikkua varovaisesti

  9. nuuskia

  10. voittaa täpärästi

  11. hajuaisti

  12. turvanmitta

  13. työntää kuonollaan

  1. Substantiivi

  2. Verbi

  3. tunnustella, liikkua varovaisesti">liikkua varovaisesti

  4. nuuskia

  5. haistaa

  6. nuuhkia

  7. voittaa hiuksenhienosti">voittaa hiuksenhienosti

nose englanniksi

  1. A protuberance on the face housing the nostrils, which are used to breathe or smell.

  2. (quote-book)|title=(w)

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  4. A snout, the nose of an animal.

  5. The tip of an object.

  6. 1918, (w), Land That Time Forgot (novel)|The Land That Time Forgot Chapter IV

  7. We submerged very slowly and without headway more than sufficient to keep her nose in the right direction, and as we went down, I saw outlined ahead of us the black opening in the great cliff.
  8. (quote-book)

  9. The bulge on the side of a piece of a puzzle, that fits into the ''hole'' of its adjacent piece.

  10. The length of a horse’s nose, used to indicate the distance between horses at the finish of a race, or any very close race.

  11. A perfumer.

  12. The power of smelling.

  13. c. 1700 (w), ''Of Envy''

  14. We are not offended with (..) a dog for a better nose than his master.
  15. Bouquet, the smell of something, especially wine.

  16. The skill in recognising bouquet.

  17. Skill at finding information.

  18. A downward projection from a cornice.

  19. (synonyms)

  20. An informer.

  21. 1846, George William MacArthur Reynolds, ''The Mysteries of London'' (page 60)

  22. (..) M was a Magsman, frequenting Pall-Mall; / N was a Nose that turned chirp on his pal; (..)
  23. To move cautiously by advancing its front end.

  24. To snoop.

  25. To detect by smell or if by smell.

  26. (circa) William Shakespeare, ''Hamlet'', act 4, sc. 3,

  27. If you find him not within
    this month, you shall nose him as you go up the
    stairs into the lobby.
  28. To push with one's nose; to nuzzle.

  29. (RQ:Tennyson Lucretiu)

  30. lambs (..) nosing the mother's udder
  31. To defeat (as in a race or other contest) by a narrow margin; sometimes with ''out''.

  32. To utter in a nasal manner; to pronounce with a nasal twang.

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  34. To furnish with a nose.

  35. To confront; be closely face to face or opposite to.

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  39. (quote-book)|title=The Canterbury Tales|chapter=(w) |lines=151-152|url=|passage=Ful semyly hir wympul pynched was / Hir nose tretys, hir eyen greye as glas(..)|translation=Her wimple was folded in quite a seemly way / Her nose was slender; her eyes were grey like glass(..)
  40. beak, nose-shaped protrusion

  41. (l)

  42. bee

  43. to sniff, (l)

  44. nose