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east englannista suomeksi

  1. itä

  2. itäinen

  3. itään, itään päin, itää kohti

  1. Substantiivi

  2. itä

  3. itäinen, in compounds itä-">itä-

  4. itäinen, idänpuoleinen, itä-">itä-

  5. itäinen, itämainen, orientaalinen, in compounds orientaali-

  6. itään, itään päin">itään päin, itää kohti">itää kohti

east englanniksi

  1. East

  1. One of the four principal points, specifically 90°, conventionally directed to the right on maps (or even, sometimes used instead of the relative directional term right); the direction of the rising sun at an equinox. Abbreviated as E.

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  4. In a few hours the birds come to it from all points of the compass – east, west, north, and south (..)
  5. The eastern region or area; the inhabitants thereof. (defdate)

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  7. We, in the west, agreed amongst ourselves that a penitentiary should be erected with our half of the money arising as above stated; and the east agreed to improve the country in their vicinity with the other half.
  8. In a church: the direction of the altar and chancel; the direction faced by the priest when celebrating orientem.

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  12. Situated or lying in or towards the east; eastward.

  13. Blowing (as wind) from the east.

  14. Of or pertaining to the east; eastern.

  15. From the East; oriental.

  16. Designating, or situated in, the liturgical east.

  17. ''the east front of a cathedral''

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  19. towards the east; eastwards

  20. (noun form of)

  21. the (l)

  22. eastern, easterly

  23. from the east

  24. towards the east

  25. east, eastern, easterly

  26. east

  27. east, eastern former colonies