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provenance englannista suomeksi

  1. alkuperä, provenienssi

  1. Substantiivi

  2. alkuperä

  3. omistajahistoria, provenienssi

  4. prosessin kulku, käsittelyhistoria

  5. alkuperä, sukujuuret (monikko)

  6. Verbi

  7. selvittää alkuperä">selvittää alkuperä

provenance englanniksi

  1. Place or source of origin.

  2. ''Many supermarkets display the provenance of their food products.''

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  4. The place and time of origin of some artifact or other object. See Usage note below.

  5. ''This spear is of Viking provenance.''

  6. The history of ownership of a work of art

  7. ''The picture is of royal provenance.''

  8. The copy history of a piece of data, or the intermediate pieces of data utilized to compute a final data element, as in a database record or web site (data provenance)

  9. The execution history of computer processes which were utilized to compute a final piece of data (process provenance)

  10. (of a person) Background; history; place of origin

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  12. To establish the provenance of something

  13. (l), origin

  14. ''La violence continue en provenance de Homs, l'épicentre de contestation.''

    Violence continues in Homs, the epicentre of the protests.