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ready englannista suomeksi

  1. panna kuntoon

  2. käteinen

  3. terävä

  4. taipuvainen, halukas

  5. valmiina, käden ulottuvilla

  6. valmis

  7. laittaa

  1. valmis

  2. expressed with 5th infinitive of a verb

  3. valmis, expressed with 5th infinitive of a verb

  4. nopea, valpas; nopeaälyinen; sanavalmis, nokkela, sukkela

  5. käytettävissä oleva">käytettävissä oleva, kätevä, näppärä, ulottuvilla oleva">ulottuvilla oleva

  6. Verbi

  7. valmistaa, valmistella, varustaa

  8. Substantiivi

ready englanniksi

  1. Prepared for immediate action or use.

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  5. she was told dinner was ready
  6. Inclined; apt to happen.

  7. Liable at any moment.

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  9. Not slow or hesitating; quick in action or perception of any kind.

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  16. Offering itself at once; at hand; opportune; convenient.

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  19. A sapling pine he wrenched from out the ground, / The readiest weapon that his fury found.
  20. To prepare; to make ready for action.

  21. money; cash

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  23. Lord Strut was not flush in ready, either to go to law, or to clear old debts.
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  25. (..) he was generous when he had the cash. Many a time he kept me going in drink through the week when I was stuck for the ready (..)