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learn englannista suomeksi

  1. opettaa

  2. opetella

  3. opiskella

  4. ottaa selvää

  5. oppia

  6. saada tietoonsa, saada tietää

  1. oppia, opetella

  2. oppia, opiskella

  3. oppia

  4. opiskella, opetella

  5. saada tietää">saada tietää, saada selville

  6. Substantiivi

  7. Verbi

learn englanniksi

  1. To acquire, or attempt to acquire knowledge or an ability to do something.

  2. 2016, VOA Learning English (public domain)

  3. Every day I learn more about this great city.
    : (audio)
  4. To attend a course or other educational activity.

  5. 1719, Defoe|Daniel Defoe, ''Crusoe|Robinson Crusoe''

  6. ''For, as he took delight to introduce me, I took delight to learn.''
  7. To gain knowledge from a bad experience so as to improve.

  8. (ux)

  9. To study.

  10. To come to know; to become informed of; to out.

  11. The act of learning something

  12. *(quote-book)|year=2003|author=Gregory A. Raymer |title=The Woodie Chronicles: My Journey Through America on the road t recovery in a 1949 Woodie Wagon

  13. To teach.

  14. ''Give him a clip round the ear. That'll learn him!''

  15. (RQ:Mlry MrtDrthr)/ and therfore Tramtrist cast grete loue to la beale Isoud / for she was at that tyme the fairest mayde and lady of the worlde / And there Tramtryst lerned her to harpe / and she beganne to haue grete fantasye vnto hym

  16. 1599, (w), ''(w)'', Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare)|Act 4 Scene 1

  17. Sweet prince, you learn me noble thankfulness.
  18. circa 1611, (w), ''(w),'' Tragedy of CymbelineSCENE V. Britain. A room in CYMBELINE.27S palace.|Act I Scene 5:

  19. Have I not been / Thy pupil long? Hast thou not learn’d me how / To make perfumes?
  20. 1993, ''The Simpsons'', (18 Feb. 1993) https://web.archive.org/web/20100808014927/http://www.snpp.com/guides/brainspeaks.html Lisa's thoughts:

  21. That'll learn him to bust my tomater.
  22. to learn

  23. To (l).

  24. To teach.