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principal englannista suomeksi

  1. velkapääoma

  2. päätekijä

  3. pääosan esittäjä

  4. rehtori

  5. pääoma

  6. pääasiallinen

  7. kaupitsija

  1. pää-

  2. Substantiivi

  3. pääoma

  4. rehtori; johtajaopettaja in a small school

  5. rehtori

  6. päämies

  7. päätekijä

  8. omistaja

  9. kurkihirsi

  10. ensitanssija

principal englanniksi

  1. Primary; most important; first level in importance.

  2. (ux)

  3. 1760 1726, Homer, ''tr.'' (w), ''The Odyssey'', Volume 2, page 217,

  4. In a word, the Epiſodes of ''Homer'' are complete Epiſodes; they are proper to the ſubject, because they are drawn from the ground of the fable; they are ſo joined to the principal action, that one is the neceſſary conſequence of the other, either truly or probably: and laſtly, they are imperfect members which do not make a complete and finiſhed body; for an Epiſode that makes a complete action, cannot be part of a principal action; as is eſſential to all Epiſodes.
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  7. Of or relating to a prince; princely.

  8. (RQ:Spenser Faerie Queene)

  9. Chosen or assumed among a branch of possible values of a multi-valued function so that the function is single-valued.

  10. ''Two is the principal square root of 4. Both −2 and +2 are square roots of 4.''

  11. (senseid) The money originally invested or loaned, on which basis interest and returns are calculated.

  12. ''A portion of your mortgage payment goes to reduce the principal, and the rest covers interest.''

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  15. For instance, in some states, dividends that have automatically been reinvested will be treated as principal.
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  17. (senseid) The chief administrator of a school.

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  22. Principals are now being held more accountable for the performance of students and teachers, while at the same time they are required to adhere to a growing number of government regulations.
  23. The executive and chief academic officer of a university or college.

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  25. Unlike the students, Principal Robertson, who now resided almost alone in the College, continued to use the accustomed route on his visits to the Old Town; and it “became the joke of the day that from being the principal gate it had become only a gate for the Principal.”5
  26. A legal person that authorizes another (the agent) to act on their behalf; or on whose behalf an agent or gestor in a ''gestio'' acts.

  27. ''When an attorney represents a client, the client is the principal who permits the attorney, the client′s agent, to act on the client′s behalf.''

    ''My principal sells metal shims.''

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  31. An attorney-in-fact has a duty to act solely in yhe interest of the principal and to avoid conflicts of interest.
  32. (senseid) The primary participant in a crime.

  33. (cot)


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  35. (senseid) A partner or owner of a business.

  36. A diapason, a type of stop on a organ.

  37. The construction that gives shape and strength to a roof, generally a truss of timber or iron; or, loosely, the most important member of a piece of framing.

  38. The first two long feathers of a hawk's wing.

  39. (RQ:Spenser Shepheardes Calender)

  40. (RQ:Walsh Sport)

  41. The first two feathers - Principals
  42. One of the turrets or pinnacles of waxwork and tapers with which the posts and centre of a funeral hearse were formerly crowned1845, ''Oxford Glossary of Architecture''

  43. An essential point or rule; a principle.

  44. 1847, Great Britain. Committee on Education, ''Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education'' (page 446)

  45. Set two classes of monitors to question each other; so that one may try to outquestion the other. Explain to them the principal of every subject they have to teach.
  46. A dancer at the highest rank within a professional dance company, particularly a ballet company.

  47. A principal.

  48. main; (l)

  49. a partir de l'any 1799 Urgias va ser un dels principals animadors del Parnàs Alguerès

  50. main, key, (l)

  51. (uxi)

  52. someone or something which is important, key, paramount

  53. (l) (gloss)

  54. (l) (gloss)

  55. main, principal

  56. main; (l) (most important)

  57. (syn)

  58. fundamental; essential

  59. having another body orbiting it

  60. not subordinate

  61. prelate of a religious, educational or commercial institution

  62. principal, primary, chief, foremost

  63. main, most important

  64. essential

  65. chief, boss

  66. a principal; one who directs another (the agent) to act on one's behalf