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paramount englannista suomeksi

  1. tärkein

  1. tärkein

  2. Substantiivi

paramount englanniksi

  1. Highest, supreme; also, chief, leading, pre-eminent.

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  3. (RQ:Bacon Henry 7)a ''Traitor Paramount'';

  4. (RQ:Allingham China Governess) The second note, the high alarum, not so familiar and always important since it indicates the paramount sin in Man's private calendar, took most of them by surprise although they had been well prepared.

  5. Of the highest importance.

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  7. Of a law, right, etc.: having precedence over or superior to another.

  8. A chief or superior; an African chief having the highest status in a region; a chief.

  9. A supreme ruler; an overlord; in the feudal system, a landowner who did not derive ownership of the land from anyone else, and who was able to grant fees to others; a paramount.