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  1. baletti

  1. Substantiivi

  2. baletti

  3. Verbi

ballet englanniksi

  1. A classical form of dance.

  2. A theatrical presentation of such dancing, usually with music, sometimes in the form of a story.

  3. The company of persons who perform this dance.

  4. A light song, frequently with a fa-la-la chorus, common among Elizabethan and Italian Renaissance composers.

  5. A bearing in of arms|coats of arms representing one or more balls, called bezants, plates, etc., according to colour.

  6. Any intricate series of operations involving coordination between individuals.

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  8. Food preparation on a potager no doubt became a kitchen ballet in which pans were constantly shifted, coals constantly replenished, and grates shaken out.
  9. 1991, Stephen King, ''Needful Things''

  10. Henry Payton joined Alan on the sidelines during the conclusion of the oddly delicate ballet known as On-Scene Investigation.
  11. To perform an action reminiscent of ballet dancing.

  12. 2014 Rutherford's Vascular Surgery E-Book - Page 1340

  13. Situations that typically require longer iliac limbs than the measurements suggest include extreme iliac tortuosity, “balleting” of the limbs (Endurant and Excluder) (Fig. 90-3), and the need to extend to the external iliac arteries. It these anatomic circumstances, it is prudent to choose a longer length when in doubt.
  14. 2016 Jacob Russell Dring, "Endless the Chase"

  15. Unfortunately, he could only sustain so much abuse. Footfalls approached. Kanoa's lips smacked and his jaw hung open. His eyelids fluttered, their underlying gaze balleting without clarity. He felt beyond sick, and his world spun immensely. A garbled voice of incoherency seemed to be his only link to this realm of consciousness.
  16. 2017 Num Nums "A Total Bust a Move" ''The ZhuZhus''

  17. Frankie's obviously going to ballet her way to the trophy.
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