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music englannista suomeksi

  1. seuraukset

  2. musiikki

  1. Substantiivi

  2. musiikki

  3. nuotti (monikko) / nuotit

  4. Verbi

music englanniksi

  1. A series of sounds organized in time, usually employing some combination of harmony, melody, rhythm, tempo, etc., often to convey a mood.

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  3. (RQ:Congreve Mourning Bride)

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  5. Any interesting or pleasing sounds.

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  7. An form, created by organizing pitch, rhythm, and sounds made using instruments and/or singing.

  8. A guide to playing or singing a particular tune; music.

  9. Electronic signal jamming.

  10. Heated argument.

  11. Fun; amusement.

  12. To seduce or entice with music.

  13. Musical.(R:OED Online)

  14. (quote-book)|volume_plain=part I (Of Philologie)|location=Oxon Oxford|publisher=(...) Henry Hall for Thomas Gilbert|year=1669|pages=136–137|pageurl=|passage=Again, ''Moſes'' was the firſt that brought in ''ſacred Muſick'': thus in like manner ''Strabo lib''. 10. 453. informes us, that the ''Bacchick Muſick'' was famous throughout ''Aſia''; and that many ''muſick Inſtruments'' had obteined a ''Barbarick name'', as ''Jambla'', ''Sambuke'', ''Barbitos'', ''Magades'', &c. which ſeem all to be of ''Hebrew origination''.

  15. musical, of, or pertaining to music.

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