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intricate englannista suomeksi

  1. monimutkainen

  1. monimutkainen, konstikas, mutkikas

  2. Verbi

intricate englanniksi

  1. Having a great deal of fine detail or complexity.

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  3. (RQ:Addison Freeholder) was (..)fit to convey the most intricate business to the understanding (..)with the utmost clearness.

  4. (RQ:Chmbrs YngrSt)

  5. As a matter of fact its narrow ornate façade presented not a single quiet space that the eyes might rest on after a tiring attempt to follow and codify the arabesques, foliations, and intricate vermiculations of what some disrespectfully dubbed as “near-aissance.”
  6. To become enmeshed or entangled.

  7. 1864 October 18, J.E. Freund, “How to Avoid the Use of Lint”, letter to the editor, in ''The New York Times'' (1864 October 23):

  8. (..) washes off easily, without sticking or intricating into the wound.
  9. To enmesh or entangle: to cause to intricate.

  10. 1994 December 12, Safire|William Safire, “Avoid Dunkirk II” (essay), in ''The New York Times'':

  11. But the British and French won't hear of that; they want to get their troops extricated and our ground troops intricated.
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