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intricate englannista suomeksi

  1. monimutkainen

  1. monimutkainen, konstikas, mutkikas

  2. Verbi

intricate englanniksi

  1. Having a great deal of fine detail or complexity.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Addison Freeholder) was (..)fit to convey the most intricate business to the understanding (..)with the utmost clearness.

  4. (RQ:Chambers Younger Set)

  5. To become enmeshed or entangled.

  6. 1864 October 18, J.E. Freund, “How to Avoid the Use of Lint”, letter to the editor, in ''The New York Times'' (1864 October 23):

  7. (..) washes off easily, without sticking or intricating into the wound.
  8. To enmesh or entangle: to cause to intricate.

  9. 1994 December 12, Safire|William Safire, “Avoid Dunkirk II” (essay), in ''The New York Times'':

  10. But the British and French won't hear of that; they want to get their troops extricated and our ground troops intricated.
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