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orbit englannista suomeksi

  1. piiri

  2. kiertorata

  3. silmäkuoppa

  4. ala, vaikutuspiiri

  5. kiertää

  1. Substantiivi

  2. kiertorata, rata

  3. vaikutuspiiri

  4. reitti

  5. Verbi

  6. kiertää

  7. viedä radalleen">viedä radalleen

  8. ympäröidä

orbit englanniksi

  1. A circular or elliptical path of a celestial object or spacecraft around a star, planet, moon, or point, especially a periodic elliptical revolution.

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  3. One complete circuit round an orbited body.

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  5. The state of moving in an orbit.

  6. The path of an electron around an nucleus.

  7. A path for the ball on the outer edge of the playfield, usually connected so that the ball entering in one end will come out of the other.

  8. A of influence; an area or extent of activity, interest, or control.

  9. The bony cavity in the skull of a vertebrate containing the eyeball.

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  11. The area around the eye of a bird or other animal.

  12. A collection of points related by the system (definition)General definition|evolution function of a system. Category:en:Curves

  13. The subset of elements of a set ''X'' to which a given element can be moved by members of a specified group of transformations that act on ''X''.

  14. A state of increased excitement, activity, or anger.

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  16. To circle or revolve around another object or position.

  17. To place an object (e.g. a satellite) into an orbit around a planet.

  18. To around the general vicinity of something.

  19. To move in a circle.

  20. To center (around).

  21. (quote-av)|year=2013|medium=motion picture|role=Jesse|actor=(w)|writer=(w), (w) and (w)|passage=I have orbited my entire life around you, and you know it, okay?

  22. To continue to follow and/or engage with someone via media after up|breaking up with them.

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  24. blinded

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