suomi-englanti sanakirja

foremost englannista suomeksi

  1. ensin

  2. etumainen, keulimmainen

  3. paras

  1. keulimmainen

foremost englanniksi

  1. first, either in time or in space

  2. Most forward; front

  3. of a higher rank or position; paramount

  4. closest to the bow

  5. in front

  6. prominently forward

  7. especially; particularly

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  9. As dependent minors the foremost proximal system was family, followed by school and community.
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  11. Lewis is the twentieth century's foremost popular writer and the most influential public intellectual for evangelicals.
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  13. England head to Nice for Saturday’s third-place playoff after yet more semi-final disappointment but with heads held high having played their part in a wonderful game featuring some particularly harsh luck. Foremost among it was the marginal offside which saw an Ellen White goal disallowed and, later, a penalty miss by Steph Houghton.