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hearse englannista suomeksi

  1. ruumisvaunut, ruumisauto

  1. Substantiivi

  2. vuonelo reindeer

  3. ruumispaarit (monikko)

  4. ruumisauto, ruumisvaunut (monikko)

  5. Verbi

hearse englanniksi

  1. A hind (female deer) in the second year of her age.

  2. A framework of wood or metal placed over the coffin or tomb of a deceased person, and covered with a pall; also, a temporary canopy bearing wax lights and set up in a church, under which the coffin was placed during the funeral ceremonies.

  3. A grave, coffin, tomb, or sepulchral monument.

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  7. A bier or handbarrow for conveying the dead to the grave.

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  9. A carriage or vehicle specially adapted or used for transporting a dead person to the place of funeral or to the grave.

  10. To enclose in a hearse; to entomb.

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