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breed englannista suomeksi

  1. synnyttää

  2. tyyppi, rotu, laji

  3. kasvattaa, astuttaa, jalostaa

  4. siittää

  1. Verbi

  2. lisääntyä

  3. paritella

  4. jalostaa

  5. astuttaa

  6. kasvattaa

  7. synnyttää

  8. Substantiivi

  9. lajike of plants, rotu of animals

  10. rotu

breed englanniksi

  1. To produce offspring sexually; to bear young.

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  3. To give birth to; to be the native place of.

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  6. Of animals, to mate.

  7. To keep animals and have them reproduce in a way that improves the next generation’s qualities.

  8. To arrange the mating of specific animals.

  9. To propagate or grow plants trying to give them certain qualities.

  10. To take care of in infancy and through childhood; to up.

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  13. To yield or result in.

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  15. To be formed in the parent or dam; to be generated, or to grow, like young before birth.

  16. To educate; to instruct; to up

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  19. To produce or obtain by any natural process.

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  21. To have birth; to be produced, developed or multiplied.

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  23. To ejaculate inside; to attempt to impregnate.

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  25. “God, I love your ass,” he says, his voice almost a growl. “I&39;m gonna breed this ass tonight.”
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  28. “Then...''you'' get...bred.”
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  30. All animals or plants of the same species or subspecies.

  31. A race or lineage; offspring or issue.

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  33. A group of people with shared characteristics.

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  36. broad, wide

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  38. large, ample

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  40. wide

  41. bread

  42. (quote-book)|page=133|title=THE ANCIENT DIALECT OF THE BARONIES OF FORTH AND BARGY, COUNTY WEXFORD|passage=Thar was bacoon and gubbages, breed and kippeens,|translation=There was bacon and cabbages, bread and kippins,