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ejaculate englannista suomeksi

  1. siemensyöksy

  2. töksäyttää, puuskahtaa, huudahtaa

  3. ejakuloida

  1. Verbi

  2. singota, purskauttaa, sinkauttaa, lennättää, laukaista

  3. töksäyttää, laukaista, puuskahtaa, huudahtaa

  4. male saada siemensyöksy">saada siemensyöksy, both ejakuloida

  5. Substantiivi

  6. siemenneste, ejakulaatti

ejaculate englanniksi

  1. To eject abruptly; to throw out suddenly and swiftly.

  2. (syn)

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  4. The mighty Magnet from the Center darts / This ſtrong, tho' ſubtile Force, thro' all the Parts: / Its active Rays ejaculated thence, / Irradiate all the wide Circumference.
  5. To say abruptly.

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  7. (quote-book)|year=1892–1893|oclc=6171971|passage=Lady Feng was at the moment having a little goodhumoured raillery with Yüan Yang, and was taken so much off her guard, that she was quite startled out of her senses. "Aiyah!" she ejaculated.

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  9. To eject or suddenly throw fluid or some other substance from a duct or other body structure.

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  11. Of a being or other mammal: to forcibly eject from the urethra in response to sexual stimulation, in a male, semen; and, in a female, fluid.

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  13. (quote-book)|year=2003|page=ix|isbn=978-0-89793-380-3|passage=The knowledge that some women ejaculate at the moment of orgasm was, like many other important aspects of sexuality, buried by Puritanism and patriarchy.

  14. (quote-book)|year=2012|page=38|isbn=978-1-4649-9792-1|passage=However, it would be highly useful if the ejaculated spermatozoa could be successfully cryopreserved and the frozen-thawed spermatozoa used for in vitro fertilization, since this would allow the genetically valuable rats to be maintained alive rather than sacrificed.

  15. (quote-book)|year=2012|page=78|isbn=978-1-107-00001-8|passage=Bulls, rams and boars have the biggest testes among the larger domestic animals, so they would be expected to produce and ejaculate more sperms than others with smaller testes.

  16. (quote-book)|year=2012|pages=90–91|isbn=978-0-7546-7910-3|passage=Rather, these men prefer an erotic exhibition – an uninhibited display of ejaculating semen onto themselves or someone else.

  17. To sexually stimulate (someone) so that they eject fluid from the urethra.

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  19. Fluid or some other substance ejected or suddenly thrown from a duct or other body structure; ''specifically'', semen or fluid ejected by a being or other mammal during an ejaculation.

  20. (quote-book)|year=2003|page=34|isbn=978-0-89793-380-3|passage=Female ejaculate is a clear liquid. Its consistency is akin to that of very light lubricant, but it is watery rather than slick. (..) Both women's and men's ejaculate is prostatic fluid (that is, both are created by the prostate).

  21. (quote-book)|year=2012|page=79|isbn=978-1-107-00001-8|passage=A smaller mammal such as a dog has a sperm concentration of 300 000 000 per millilitre in an ejaculate of 8 ml in volume. Thus, each ejaculate will contain only 2 400 000 000 (24 × 108).

  22. (quote-book) ''et al.''|chapter=Human Sperm Competition|editor=Buss|David M. Buss|title=The Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology. Volume 2. Application|edition=2nd|location=Hoboken, N.J.|publisher=(w)|year=2016|volume=II|page=431|isbn=978-1-118-75588-4|passage=Ejaculates are costly to produce for human males. Frequent ejaculation, especially more frequent than every other day, results in decreased sperm counts (..), suggesting limits to sperm production. Men hardly seem limited by sperm production, however, given the apparent wastage of sperm. Sperm are continuously lost in the urine, and entire ejaculates are lost during nocturnal emissions and masturbation, although masturbatory ejaculates contain fewer sperm than do copulatory ejaculates (..).