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ample englannista suomeksi

  1. runsas

  2. laaja

  1. tilava, iso, suuri

  2. laaja, pitkä

  3. runsas, yltäkylläinen, reilu

ample englanniksi

  1. A fully sufficient or abundant quantity of; enough or more than enough.

  2. ''We have ample time to finish the task.''

    ''It is a large house with ample space for all of us.''

  3. A quantity (of something) that is fully sufficient; plenty.

  4. ''We don't need any more. We already have ample.''

  5. Large; great in size, extent, capacity, or bulk; for example spacious, roomy or widely extended.

  6. (ux)

  7. Not contracted or brief; not concise; extended; diffusive

  8. wide

  9. (l), plentiful

  10. plentiful, abundant, copious, profuse, (l)

  11. loose, baggy

  12. amply, largely

  13. (inflection of)

  14. (tlb) (l), copious, profuse