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technical englannista suomeksi

  1. tekninen

  2. tekninen virhe

  3. technical

  4. teknillinen

  5. ammatillinen

  1. tekninen

  2. Substantiivi

technical englanniksi

  1. Specifically related to a particular discipline.

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  3. Of or related to technology.

  4. Technically-minded; adept with science and technology.

  5. Relating to, or requiring, technique.

  6. ''The performance showed technical virtuosity, but lacked inspiration.''

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  8. Requiring advanced techniques for successful completion.

  9. Relating to the internal mechanics of a market rather than more basic factors.

  10. ''The market had a technical rally, due to an oversold condition.''

  11. In the strictest sense, but not practically or meaningfully.

  12. ''Crossing the front lawn of that house to get to the mailbox was a technical trespass.''

  13. A truck with a gun mounted on it.

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  16. A move in certain fighting games that cancels out the effect of an opponent's attack.

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