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romantic englannista suomeksi

  1. ylen romanttinen

  2. romantikko

  3. romanttinen

  1. romanttinen

  2. Substantiivi

  3. romantikko

romantic englanniksi

  1. Of a work of literature, a writer etc.: being like or having the characteristics of a romance, or poetic tale of a mythic or quasi-historical time; fantastic. (defdate)

  2. Fictitious, imaginary. (defdate)

  3. Fantastic, unrealistic (of an idea etc.); fanciful, sentimental, impractical (of a person). (defdate)

  4. 1993 May 16, of Jeeves and Wooster episodes|"Return to New York" Jeeves and Wooster|''Jeeves and Wooster'', Series 3, Episode 6:

  5. ''R. Jeeves:'' In my experience, ladies who spell Gladys with a W are seldom noted for their reliability, sir. It gives them romantic notions.''Wooster|B.W. Wooster:'' With a W, Jeeves? No, no, no, no. You spell it with a G.''R. Jeeves:'' If I might draw your attention to the signature on the portrait, sir.''Wooster|B.W. Wooster:'' Good Lord! G-W?''R. Jeeves:'' I blame Lord Tennyson|Alfred Lord Tennyson and his ''of the King|Idylls of the King''. It also accounts for Kathryn, Ysabel, and Ethyl, all spelt with a Y, but Gwladys is a particularly virulent form, sir.


  6. Having the qualities of romance (in the sense of something appealing deeply to the imagination); invoking on a powerfully sentimental idea of life; evocative, atmospheric. (defdate)

  7. (RQ:Melville Moby-Dick)

  8. 1897, Henry James, ''What Maisie Knew'':

  9. Somehow she wasn't a real sister, but that only made her the more romantic.
  10. (quote-journal)

  11. Pertaining to an idealised form of love (originally, as might be felt by the heroes of a romance); conducive to romance; loving, affectionate. (defdate)

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  14. A person with romantic character (a character like those of the knights in a mythic romance).

  15. A person who is behaving romantically (in a manner befitting someone who feels an idealized form of love).

  16. ''Oh, flowers! You're such a romantic.''

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