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live englannista suomeksi

  1. suorana, live-

  2. joustava

  3. elää, elellä

  4. yleisön edessä oleva, yleisön edessä esitetty, yleisön edessä, suora

  5. elävä

  6. hengissä, hengissä oleva

  7. oikea

  8. jännitteinen

  9. toimiva

  10. asua

  1. elää, olla elossa">olla elossa

  2. asua, elää

  3. elää, selvitä

  4. pärjätä

  5. elää

  6. selvitä + elative, kestää

  7. elävä

  8. suora

  9. kova

  10. jännitteinen

  11. suorana, livenä

  12. Substantiivi

  13. Verbi

live englanniksi

  1. To be alive; to have life.

  2. (ux)

  3. To have permanent residence somewhere, to inhabit, to reside.

  4. (RQ:Besant Ivory Gate)

  5. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)

  6. (of an object) to have its proper place; to normally be stored.

  7. To survive; to persevere; to continue.

  8. To endure in memory; to escape oblivion.

  9. (quote-journal)

  10. To cope.

  11. To pass life in a specified manner.

  12. To spend, as one's life; to pass; to maintain; to continue in, constantly or habitually.

  13. (quote-book)

  14. {{quote-journal|en|title=Towards the end of poverty

  15. To act habitually in conformity with; to practice; to exemplify in one's of life.

  16. (RQ:Foxe Martyr)

  17. to live the Gospel
  18. To live as; to live being.

  19. (RQ:Marlowe Tamburlaine)

  20. To outlast danger; to float (said of a ship, boat, etc).

  21. (RQ:Shakespeare Twelfth Night)

  22. , (m), or (m) To maintain or support one's existence; to provide for oneself; to feed; to subsist.

  23. To the most of life; to experience a full, rich life.

  24. Having life; that is alive.

  25. Being in existence; actual.

  26. Having active properties; being energized.

  27. Operational; in actual use rather than in testing etc.

  28. Of an object or value: that may potentially be used in the future execution of a program.

  29. (antonyms)

  30. Taken from a living animal.

  31. Imparting power; having motion.

  32. Still in active play.

  33. Of a card: not yet dealt or played.

  34. 2005, Alison M. Pendergast, ''Play Winning Poker in No Time'' (page 57)

  35. As a beginner, when you are in a hand, you should practice counting your outs, or those live cards left in the deck that can improve your hand.
  36. Being broadcast ("on the air"), as it happens.

  37. person|In person.

  38. Recorded from a performance in front of an audience.

  39. Of firearms or explosives, capable of causing harm.

  40. Of an environment where sound is recorded: having noticeable reverberation.

  41. 2002, John Eargle, ‎Chris Foreman, ''Audio Engineering for Sound Reinforcement'' (page 21)

  42. A good experiment is to have a friend stand in a fixed position in a moderately live room and talk in a clear voice.
  43. 2016, Jason Corey, ''Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training'' (page 136)

  44. It sounds like the instruments were recorded in a fairly live room with reverb added.
  45. Electrically charged or energized, usually indicating that the item may cause electrocution if touched.

  46. Being a bet which can be raised by the bettor, usually in reference to a blind or straddle.

  47. Featuring humans; not animated, in the phrases “actors” or “action”.

  48. Being in a state of ignition; burning.

  49. Full of earnestness; active; wide awake; glowing.

  50. Vivid; bright.

  51. (RQ:Thomson Sprin)

  52. the live carnation
  53. (senseid) Of an event, as it happens; in time; direct.

  54. (senseid) Of making a performance or speech, person.

  55. enliven

  56. (l) (qualifier)

  57. on the left

  58. lye

  59. live

  60. recorded at a concert as opposed to in a studio

  61. in real time

  62. ''(Quebec, Eastern Ontario)'' now, at this moment.

  63. stream, a video broadcast in real time, a Q&A (even written) in real time

  64. (synonyms)


    Le Monde ''a fait un live pendant le confinement.'' - ''Le Monde'' did a live Q&A during the lockdown.

  65. live (gloss)

  66. (syn)

  67. performed or recorded live

  68. live broadcast; live reporting

  69. (inflection of)

  70. (alt form)

  71. (infl of)

  72. (l) (q)

  73. air

  74. person

  75. recorded in front of a live audience

  76. to shelter, protect, especially from the weather and elements

  77. shelter, cover, protection, especially from the elements

  78. to (l)

  79. book

  80. (l)

  81. country

  82. to (l)