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record englannista suomeksi

  1. äänilevy, LP-levy

  2. saldo

  3. tallenne

  4. rekisteröidä

  5. näyttää

  6. äänittää, levyttää, taltioida, nauhoittaa

  7. asiakirja-aineisto

  8. ennätys

  9. ansioluettelo

  10. säilyttää jälkipolville

  11. rekisteri

  12. rikosrekisteri

  1. tallenne

  2. äänilevy, levy

  3. tietue

  4. tietue arvoluokka">if distinct from structs, the latter are called arvoluokka

  5. ennätys

  6. tallentaa, taltioida, merkitä

  7. tallentaa, nauhoittaa, äänittää, levyttää

  8. rekisteröidä

  9. levyttää

  10. Substantiivi

record englanniksi

  1. An item of information put into a temporary or permanent physical medium.

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  4. Any instance of a physical medium on which information was put for the purpose of preserving it and making it available for future reference.

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  6. (ellipsis of): a disc, usually made from vinyl, on which sound is recorded and may be replayed on a phonograph.

  7. A set of data relating to a single individual or item.

  8. ''up|Pull up the record on John Smith. What's his medical history?''

  9. A structure similar to a struct, in some languages such as C and Java based on classes and designed for storing immutable data.

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  12. The most extreme known value of some variable, particularly that of an achievement in competitive events.

  13. To make a record of information.

  14. ''I wanted to record every detail of what happened, for the benefit of future generations.''

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  16. To make an audio or video recording of.

  17. ''Within a week they had recorded both the song and the video for it.''

  18. (quote-journal)|author=Adam Sherwin|date=29 June 2014|url=|passage=However, the ability to record people without their knowledge, with the stroke of a finger over the spectacle frame or a voice command, has prompted privacy concerns.

  19. To give legal status to by making an official public record.

  20. ''When the deed was recorded, we officially owned the house.''

  21. To fix in a medium, usually in a tangible medium.

  22. To make an audio, video, or multimedia recording.

  23. To repeat; to practice.

  24. To sing or repeat a tune.

  25. 1595, (w), ''The Old Wives' Tale (play)|The Old Wives’ Tale'', The Malone Society Reprints, 1908, lines 741-742,

  26. Come ''Berecynthia'', let vs in likewise,
    And heare the Nightingale record hir notes.
  27. 1600, (w) (translator), ''(w)'' by Torquato Tasso, London: I. Iaggard and M. Lownes, Book 2, p. 39,

  28. They long’d to see the day, to heare the larke
    Record her hymnes and chant her carols blest,
  29. (RQ:Shakespeare Pericles) to the luteShe sung, and made the night-bird mute,That still records with moan;

  30. 1616, (w), ''Britannia’s Pastorals'', London: John Haviland, 1625, Book 2, Song 4, p. 129,

  31. (..) the ''Nymph'' did earnestly contest
    Whether the Birds or she recorded best (..)
  32. To reflect; to ponder.

  33. 1655, (w), ''The Church-History of Britain from the Birth of Jesus Christ until the Year M.DC.XLVIII'', London: John Williams, Book 5, Section 3, page 204,

  34. (..) he was (..) carried to the Scaffold on the ''Tower-hill'' (..), himself praying all the way, and recording upon the words which he before had read.
  35. memory, recollection of events

  36. souvenir

  37. A record, a best achievement.

  38. A record, something recorded on an electronic medium.

  39. A point in a database.

  40. A vinyl record.

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  42. record (''most extreme known value of some achievement'')

  43. record (sporting achievement; computer data element)

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  47. record

  48. record