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bench englannista suomeksi

  1. asettaa näytteille

  2. pengertasanne, suojavalli, pengermä, penger, reunavalli, tasanne

  3. vaihtomiehistö, vaihtopenkki

  4. työpöytä, työpenkki

  5. tuomarikunta

  6. tuomioistuin, tuomarit

  7. siirtää vaihtopenkille, ottaa pelaaja pois kentältä, kutsua vaihtopenkille

  8. penkki

  1. penkki

  2. tuomarit (monikko) , tuomaristo

  3. tuomarinpöytä

  4. vaihtoaitio, penkki

  5. vaihtomiehistö

  6. siirtää vaihtopenkille">siirtää vaihtopenkille

  7. nostaa penkiltä">nostaa penkiltä

  8. penkkitulos

bench englanniksi

  1. Bench

  1. A long seat with or without a back, found for example in parks and schools.

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  3. (quote-journal)

  4. A long seat for politicians in a parliamentary chamber.

  5. The people who decide on the verdict; the judiciary.

  6. The place where the judges sit.

  7. The dignity of holding an official seat.

  8. The place where players (substitutes) and coaches sit when not playing.

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  10. The number of players on a team able to participate, expressed in terms of length.

  11. A place where assembly or hand work is performed; a workbench.

  12. (c) A horizontal padded surface, usually adjustable in height and inclination and often with attached weight rack, used for proper posture during exercise.

  13. 2008, Lou Schuler, "Foreward", ''in'' Nate Green, ''Built for Show'', page xii

  14. I had no bench or power rack, so by necessity every exercise I did started with the weights on the floor.
  15. A bracket used to mount land surveying equipment onto a stone or a wall.Description of bench, as part of the ''benchmark'' etymology.

  16. A flat ledge in the slope of an earthwork, work of masonry, or similar.

  17. (RQ:Grey Riders)

  18. That number carried his glance to the top of this first bulging bench of cliff-base.
  19. A thin strip of relatively flat land bounded by steeper slopes above and below.

  20. A kitchen surface on which to prepare food, a counter.

  21. A bathroom surface which holds the washbasin, a vanity.

  22. A collection or group of dogs exhibited to the public, traditionally on benches or raised platforms.

  23. To remove a player from play.

  24. (quote-av)|role=hockey coach|title=by the Sea (film)|Manchester by the Sea|writer=(w)|year=2016|text=OK, you are out! You’re benched!

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  26. To remove someone from a position of responsibility temporarily.

  27. To push a person backward against a conspirator behind them who is on their hands and knees, causing them to fall over.

  28. To furnish with benches.

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  30. 'Twas benched with turf.
  31. (RQ:Tennyson Princess)

  32. stately theatres benched crescent-wise
  33. To place on a bench or seat of honour.

  34. (RQ:Shakespeare Winter's Tale) have benched and reared to worship

  35. To lift by pressing

  36. ''I heard he can bench 150 pounds.''

  37. 1988, Frederick C. Hatfield, "Powersource: Ties that bind", ''Man (magazine)|Ironman'' ''47 (6):'' 21.

  38. For the first several years of my exclusive career in powerlifting, I couldn't bench too well.
  39. The weight one is able to press, especially the maximum weight capable of being pressed.

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