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formal englannista suomeksi

  1. formaali, virallinen

  2. muodollinen

  3. tanssiaiset

  4. iltapuku

  1. kaavamainen, formaali

  2. virallinen, formaali

  3. muodollinen, formaali

  4. juhlallinen, formaali

formal englanniksi

  1. Being in accord with established forms.

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  3. Official.

  4. Relating to the form or structure of something.

  5. (quote-book) At present, there are but three basic volumetric forms dominating the work of metalsmiths, the ''spherical'' (usually in its most practical form, the ''domical''), the ''cylindrical'', and the ''cubical''. (..) The possibilities for further variations on them are all but exhausted, there being little chance to express new and unusual ideas within the framework of such limited choices. As a result, much of twentieth-century metalsmithing has relied on surface enrichment rather than formal development for its originality.

  6. Relating to formation.

  7. Ceremonial or traditional.

  8. Proper, according to strict etiquette; not casual.

  9. Organized; well-structured and planned.

  10. Relating to mere manipulation and construction of strings of symbols, without regard to their meaning.

  11. An evening gown.

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  13. An event with a formal code.

  14. A parameter.

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  16. Formalin.

  17. An acetal formed from formaldehyde.

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  20. site, plot

  21. 1290, M. Lucas Álvarez P. Lucas Domínguez (eds.), ''El monasterio de San Clodio do Ribeiro en la Edad Media: estudio y documentos''. Sada / A Coruña: Edicións do Castro, page 415:

  22. {{quote|gl|''damos a uos que tenades de nos essa cassa en que uos ora morades en Eyres, con seu saydo et con todo o formal dessa casa, asi como esta çerrada de muro ao tenpo da era desta carta.''


  23. foundation, ruin

  24. mould for the production of tiles

  25. formal (qualifier)

  26. formal

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  29. reliable, dependable