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law englannista suomeksi

  1. juridiikka

  2. laki, sääntö

  3. poliisi, kytät

  1. laki, lainsäädäntö

  2. laki

  3. laki, sääntö

  4. kytät (monikko)

  5. Substantiivi

  6. Verbi

law englanniksi

  1. The body of binding rules and regulations, customs{{, and standards established in a community by its legislative and judicial authorities.

  2. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)Next day she(..)tried to recover her ward by the hair of the head. Then, thwarted, the wretched creature went to the police for help; she was versed in the law, and had perhaps spared no pains to keep on good terms with the local constabulary.

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  5. The body of such rules that pertain to a particular topic.

  6. law|Common law, as contrasted with equity.

  7. A binding regulation or custom established in a community in this way.

  8. (RQ:Birmingham Gossamer). My servant is, so far as I am concerned, welcome to as many votes as he can get.(..)I do not suppose that it matters much in reality whether laws are made by dukes or cornerboys, but I like, as far as possible, to associate with gentlemen in private life.

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  10. Any rule that must or should be obeyed, concerning behaviours and their consequences. (q).

  11. A rule or principle regarding the construction of language or art.

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  13. A statement (in physics, etc) of an (observed, established) order or sequence or relationship of phenomena which is invariable under certain conditions. (q).

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  15. {{quote-journal|en|date=March 2 1992|author=Richard Preston|journal=The New Yorker|titleurl=|title=The Mountains of Pi

  16. A statement (of relation) that is true under specified conditions; a mathematical or logical rule.

  17. Any statement of the relation of acts and conditions to their consequences.

  18. A law; a regular change in the pronunciation of a language.

  19. One of the official rules of cricket as codified by the its (former) governing body, the MCC.

  20. The control and order about|brought about by the observance of such rules.

  21. A person or group that act(s) with authority to uphold such rules and order (for example, one or more police officers).

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  23. The profession that deals with such rules (as lawyers, judges, officers, etc).

  24. Jurisprudence, the field of knowledge which encompasses these rules.

  25. Litigation; legal action (as a means of maintaining or restoring order, redressing wrongs, etc).

  26. An allowance of distance or time (a start) given to a weaker (human or animal) competitor in a race, to make the race more fair.

  27. A mode of operation of the controls of a fly-by-wire aircraft.

  28. One of two metaphysical forces ruling the world in some fantasy settings, also called (m), and opposed to chaos.

  29. An oath sworn before a court, especially disclaiming a debt. (q)", "(m)", "(m)", "(m)".

  30. To work as a lawyer; to practice law.

  31. To prosecute or sue (someone), to litigate.

  32. 1860, George Eliot (Mary Anne Lewes), ''The Mill on the Floss'':

  33. Your husband's ... so given to lawing, they say. I doubt he'll leave you poorly off when he dies.
  34. To rule over (with a certain effect) by law; to govern.

  35. {{quote-book|en|year=1939|author=Henry Green Hodges|title=City management: theory and practice of municipal administration

  36. To enforce the law.

  37. To subject to legal restrictions.

  38. A tumulus of stones.

  39. A hill.

  40. (RQ:Stevenson Across the Plains)

  41. A score; share of expense; legal charge.

  42. An exclamation of mild surprise; lawks.

  43. 1791-92, (w), ‘The Three Sisters’, ''Juvenilia'':

  44. ‘Do tell me once for all, whether you intend to marry Mr Watts or not?’ ‘Law Mama, how can I tell you what I don't know myself?’
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  47. month

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  51. rounded hill (gloss)

  52. To be crazy

  53. To drive somebody crazy

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