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plane englannista suomeksi

  1. plaanata

  2. höylä

  3. taso

  4. höylätä

  5. tasainen

  6. lentokone

  1. tasainen

  2. taso

  3. siipi

  4. höylä

  5. höylätä

  6. lentokone, kone

  7. liukua, plaanata, nousta plaaniin">nousta plaaniin

  8. liitää, liukua

  9. plataanipuu

  10. Verbi

plane englanniksi

  1. Of a surface: flat or level.

  2. A level or flat surface.

  3. (senseid) A flat surface extending infinitely in all directions (e.g. horizontal or vertical plane). Category:en:Surfaces

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  5. An imaginary plane which divides the body into two portions.

  6. A level of existence or development.

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  8. A roughly flat, thin, often moveable structure used to create lateral force by the flow of air or water over its surface, found on aircraft, submarines, etc. (n-g), (l), (l).)

  9. Any of 17 designated ranges of 216 (65,536) sequential points each.

  10. (senseid) A tool for smoothing wood by removing thin layers from the surface.

  11. To smooth (wood) with a plane.

  12. An airplane; an aeroplane.

  13. (quote-journal)|url=|title=Solar-powered travel|text=The plane is travelling impossibly slowly – 30km an hour – when it gently noses up and leaves the ground. With air beneath them, the rangy wings seem to gain strength; the fuselage that on the ground seemed flimsy becomes elegant, like a crane vaunting in flight. It seems not to fly, though, so much as float.

  14. Any of various nymphalid butterflies, of various genera, having a slow gliding flight.

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  16. The butterfly ''phocides|Bindahara phocides'', family Lycaenidae, of Asia and Australasia.

  17. To move in a way that lifts the bow out of the water.

  18. To glide or soar.

  19. (senseid) A deciduous tree of the genus ''Platanus''.

  20. A sycamore.

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  24. plainly (gloss), distinctly, intelligibly

  25. clearly, obviously

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  27. wholly, utterly, thoroughly, quite

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  29. (monikko) nn|plan

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