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further englannista suomeksi

  1. edistää

  2. kauempana, kauemmas, pidemmällä, pidemmälle, edemmäs, edempänä

  3. kaukaisempi

  4. lisäksi

  5. kauemmaksi

  1. Verbi

  2. edistää

  3. kauempi, etäisempi

  4. kauempana in, at; kauemmaksi, kauemmas to; kauempaa from

  5. lisäksi, edelleen

  6. kauempana in

  7. lisäksi, sen lisäksi

  8. koskien, liittyen

further englanniksi

  1. To help forward; to assist.

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  4. Upon this he brought me a cotton bag and giving it to me, said, "Take this bag and fill it with pebbles from the beach and go forth with a company of the townsfolk to whom I will give a charge respecting thee. Do as they do and belike thou shalt gain what may further thy return voyage to thy native land."
  5. To encourage growth; to support progress or growth of something; to promote.

  6. (ux)

  7. More distant; relatively distant.

  8. ''See those two lampposts? Run to the further one.''

    ''He was standing at the further end of the corridor.''

  9. More, additional.

  10. ''I have one further comment to make.''

  11. {{quote-journal

  12. To, at or over a greater distance in space, time or other extent.

  13. (RQ:Maxwell Mirror and the Lamp)

  14. To a greater extent or degree.

  15. ''Of the two civilisations, this one was further advanced.''

    ''I do not propose to discuss it any further. - Please, let me explain just a little further.''

  16. Beyond what is already stated or is already the case.

  17. ''Chapter 10 further explains the ideas introduced in Chapter 9.''

    ''Don't confuse things further.''

    ''Further, affiant sayeth naught.'' (A formal statement ending a deposition or affidavit, immediately preceding the affiant's signature.)

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  19. Also; in addition; furthermore; moreover.

  20. ''It is overlong, and further, it makes no sense.''

  21. 1924, (w), W. D. Ross (translator), ''Metaphysics'', Book 1, Part 6,

  22. Further, besides sensible things and Forms he says there are the objects of mathematics, which occupy an intermediate position,(..).
  23. Following on (from).

  24. ''Further to our recent telephone call, I am writing to clarify certain points raised.''

    ''This example is further to the one on page 17.''

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