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additional englannista suomeksi

  1. lisä-

  1. lisä-">lisä- part of compound

  2. Substantiivi

additional englanniksi

  1. Supplemental or added to something.

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  4. Something added.

  5. 1614, (w), “A Letter to the King touching Peacham’s Cause. January 27. 1614” in ''Resuscitatio, or, Bringing into publick light severall pieces of the works (..) of Francis Bacon'', London: William Lee, 1657, p.(nbs)49,

  6. For having received, from my ''Lord'', an ''Additional'', of great Importance; which was, that ''Owen'', of his own Accord, after Examination, should compare the Case of your ''Majesty'', (if you were Excommunicate,) to the Case, of a Prisoner, Condemned at the Barr; which ''Additional'' was subscribed by one Witness; but yet I perceived it was spoken aloud, and in the Hearing of others; I presently sent down a Copy thereof (..)
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