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serious englannista suomeksi

  1. vakava

  2. vaikea

  3. tosikkomainen, totinen, vakavamielinen

  1. vakava, vakavamielinen, totinen

  2. vakava

serious englanniksi

  1. Without humor or expression of happiness; grave in manner or disposition

  2. ''It was a surprise to see the captain, who had always seemed so serious, laugh so heartily.''


  3. Important; weighty; not insignificant

  4. ''This is a serious problem. We'll need our best experts.''

  5. Really intending what is said (or planned, etc); in earnest; not jocular or deceiving

  6. ''After all these years, we're finally getting serious attention.''

    ''He says he wants to buy the team, but is he serious?''

  7. Committed.

  8. In a serious manner; seriously.

  9. (quote-book)