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nest englannista suomeksi

  1. asettaa sisäkkäin, laittaa sisäkkäin

  2. kerätä linnunpesiä

  3. pesäke

  4. luola

  5. pesiytyä, pesiä

  6. kolo, pesäpaikka

  7. pesä

  8. sarja

  1. pesä

  2. pesä, kolo

  3. pesä, kotipesä

  4. pesäpaikka, pesä

  5. pesäke

  6. pesiä, pesiytyä

  7. kotiutua, käydä taloksi

  8. sopia sisäkkäin">sopia sisäkkäin

  9. laittaa pesään">laittaa pesään

  10. laittaa sisäkkäin">laittaa sisäkkäin

  11. Substantiivi

  12. Verbi

nest englanniksi

  1. A structure built by a bird as a place to incubate eggs and rear young.

  2. A place used by another mammal, fish, amphibian or insect, for depositing eggs and hatching young.

  3. A snug, comfortable, or cosy residence or job situation.

  4. A retreat, or place of habitual resort.

  5. A hideout for bad people to frequent or haunt; a den.

  6. (ux)

  7. (RQ:Johnson History of the Pyrates), and His Crew. Letter from Captain Makra, dated at Bombay, Nov. 16, 1720.|page=119|passage=Capt. ''Kirby'' and I concluding it might be of great Service to the ''Eaſt-India'' Company to deſtroy such a Neſt of Rogues, were ready to ſail for that Purpoſe (..)

  8. 1895, (w), ''Life of Frances Power Cobbe'', Boston: Houghton Mifflin, Volume 1, Chapter 10, p. 254,

  9. Miss Carpenter told me that a short time previously some Bow Street constables had been sent down to this place to ferret out a crime which had been committed there, and that they reported there was not in all London such a nest of wickedness as they had explored.
  10. A home that a child or young adult shares with a parent or guardian.

  11. ''I am aspiring to leave the nest.''

  12. A fixed number of cards in some bidding games awarded to the highest bidder allowing him to exchange any or all with cards in his hand.

  13. ''I was forced to change trumps when I found the ace, jack, and nine of diamonds in the nest.''

  14. A fortified position for a weapon.

  15. ''a gun nest''

  16. A structure consisting of nested structures, such as nested loops or nested subroutine calls.

  17. 1981, Donnamaie E. White, ''Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and ALU's'', Garland STPM Press, (ISBN), page 49:

  18. Subroutine 4 cannot jump out of the subroutine nest in one step. Each return address must be popped from the stack in the order in which it was pushed onto the stack.
  19. 1993 August, Bwolen Yang et al., "Do&Merge: Integrating Parallel Loops and Reductions", in ''Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing'' (workshop proceedings), Springer (1994), (ISBN), page 178:

  20. Our analysis to this point has assumed that in a loop nest, we are only parallelizing a single loop.
  21. A circular bed of pasta, rice, etc. to be topped or filled with other foods.

  22. An aggregated mass of any ore or mineral, in an isolated state, within a rock.

  23. A collection of boxes, cases, or the like, of graduated size, each put within the one next larger.

  24. A compact group of pulleys, gears, springs, etc., working together or collectively.

  25. The hair near a vulva or a vulva itself.

  26. (syn)

  27. To build or settle into a nest.

  28. To settle into a home.

  29. ''We loved the new house and were nesting there in two days!''

  30. To successively neatly fit inside another.

  31. ''I bought a set of nesting mixing bowls for my mother.''

  32. To place in, or as if in, a nest.

  33. To place one thing neatly inside another, and both inside yet another (and so on).

  34. ''There would be much more room in the attic if you had nested all the empty boxes.''

  35. To hunt for birds' nests or their contents (usually "go nesting").

  36. 1895, Alfred Emanuel Smith, Francis Walton

  37. After the first heavy frost, when acorns were falling, I took a friend into partnership and went nesting.
  38. A (l) (qualifier)

  39. One's bed

  40. A nasty, ill-behaving or pretentious child; a brat.

  41. A piece of junk; rubbish.

  42. by, near

  43. to carry

  44. to bring

  45. (l)

  46. (l), (l)

  47. ''nest største - second largest''

    ''nest eldst - second oldest''

  48. (cln) (infl of)