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deposit englannista suomeksi

  1. vakuus

  2. kerrostuminen

  3. panna

  4. asettaa

  5. tallettaa

  6. sijoittaminen

  7. kerrostuma, esiintymä

  8. pano, talletus

  9. käsiraha

  10. varasto

  11. saostuminen

  1. Substantiivi

  2. esiintymä

  3. talletus, depositio

  4. talletus

  5. ennakko, vakuus, käsiraha

  6. pantti

  7. Verbi

  8. laskea, sijoittaa, panna, asettaa

  9. säilyttää, panna talteen">panna talteen

  10. uskoa jonkun haltuun">uskoa jonkun haltuun

  11. tallettaa, panna tilille">panna tilille

deposit englanniksi

  1. (senseid) Sediment or rock that is not native to its present location or is different from the surrounding material. Sometimes refers to ore or gems.

  2. That which is placed anywhere, or in anyone's hands, for safekeeping; something entrusted to the care of another.

  3. Money placed in an account.

  4. Anything left behind on a surface.

  5. (ux)

  6. A sum of money or other asset given as an initial payment, to show good faith, or to reserve something for purchase.

  7. A sum of money given as a security for a borrowed item, which will be given back when the item is returned, e.g. a deposit or deposit

  8. A place of deposit; a depository.

  9. To lay down; to place; to put.

  10. (RQ:Taylor Ductor Dubitantium)

  11. To lay up or away for safekeeping; to put up; to store.

  12. To entrust one's assets to the care of another. Sometimes done as collateral.

  13. (senseid) To put money or funds into an account.

  14. To lay aside; to rid oneself of.

  15. (RQ:Hammond Of Schis)

  16. reform and deposit his error