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nasty englannista suomeksi

  1. ilkeä, inhottava

  2. ikävä, paha

  3. siivoton

  4. ruokoton

  1. likainen, sottainen

  2. halveksittava

  3. törkeä, säädytön

  4. Substantiivi

nasty englanniksi

  1. Dirty, filthy. (defdate)

  2. (quote-book)|author=Hobbes|Thomas Hobbes|passage=In such condition, there is no place for Industry; because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving, and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continuall feare, and danger of violent death; And the life of man, solitary, poore, nasty, brutish, and short.

  3. {{quote-text|en|year=2006|author=Marie Fontaine|title=The Chronicles of my Ghetto Street Volume One|page=156

  4. Contemptible, unpleasant (of a person). (defdate)

  5. (RQ:Stoker Dracula)

  6. Objectionable, unpleasant (of a thing); repellent, offensive. (defdate)

  7. (RQ:Dickens Oliver Twist)

  8. Indecent or offensive; obscene, lewd. (defdate)

  9. (quote-text)|title=Murder Must Advertise

  10. {{quote-book|en|year=2009|author=Okera H|title=Be Your Priority, Not His Option|publisher=Mill City Press|year_published=2009|page=45

  11. Spiteful, unkind. (defdate)

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  13. Awkward, difficult to navigate; dangerous. (defdate)

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  15. Grave or dangerous (of an accident, illness etc.). (defdate)

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  17. Formidable, terrific; wicked. (defdate)

  18. Something nasty.

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  20. intercourse|Sexual intercourse.

  21. A nasty.

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  23. (quote-book)