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formidable englannista suomeksi

  1. pelottava

  2. vaikuttava

  1. mahtava, valtava, vaikuttava, pelottava

  2. vaarallinen, voittamaton

formidable englanniksi

  1. Causing fear, dread, awe, or discouragement as a result of size, strength, or some other impressive feature; commanding respect; causing wonder or astonishment.

  2. (RQ:Scott Quentin Durward)

  3. Difficult to defeat or overcome.

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  6. (quote-journal)|newspaper=(w)|location=London|publisher=(w)|date=9 May 2012|issn=0307-1235|oclc=635239717|passage=Holloway|Ian Holloway has unfinished business in the Premier League after relegation last year and he will make a swift return if he can overcome West Ham a week on Saturday. (w), the West Ham manager, will be acutely aware that when the stakes are high, Blackpool are simply formidable.

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  8. fearsome

  9. fantastic, tremendous

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  11. great, fantastic, tremendous

  12. formidable