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terrific englannista suomeksi

  1. upea

  2. hirvittävä, kauhistuttava

  3. hurja, mainio, loistava

  1. kamala

  2. hurja

  3. suurenmoinen

terrific englanniksi

  1. Terrifying, causing terror; terrible; sublime, awe-inspiring. (defdate)

  2. (synonyms)

  3. (RQ:Wollstonecraft Maria) roused phantoms of horror in her mind, far more terrific than all that dreaming superstition ever drew.

  4. (RQ:Maturin Melmoth)

  5. (quote-book)|passage=He made love in a coach and six, and married in a coach and twelve, and all his horses were milk-white horses with one red spot on the back which he caused to be hidden by the harness. For, the spot ''would'' come there, though every horse was milk-white when Captain Murderer bought him. And the spot was young bride's blood. (To this terrific point I am indebted for my first personal experience of a shudder and cold beads on the forehead.)

  6. Very strong or intense; excessive, tremendous. (defdate)

  7. ''The car came round the bend at a terrific speed.''

    ''I've got a terrific hangover this morning.''

  8. (quote-book)

  9. Extremely good; excellent, amazing. (defdate)

  10. ''I say! She's a terrific tennis player.''