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bell englannista suomeksi

  1. kello

  2. kiinnittää kello jhk, laittaa kello, ripustaa kello jhk

  3. muhvi, kaikusuppilo

  4. ovikello

  5. tiuku, kulkunen

  6. kellon soitto, soitto

  7. kellot

  1. kello, tiuku small

  2. soitto

  3. kello

  4. lasi

  5. laittaa kello">laittaa kello

  6. rimpauttaa, pirauttaa, kilauttaa

  7. karjua, ulvoa

  8. ulvonta

  9. Verbi

bell englanniksi

  1. Bell

  1. A percussive instrument made of metal or other hard material, typically but not always in the shape of an inverted cup with a flared rim, which resonates when struck.

  2. 1848, (w), "(w)"

  3. ''HEAR the sledges with the bells —''
    ''Silver bells!''
    ''What a world of merriment their melody foretells!''
  4. The sounding of a bell as a signal.

  5. (quote-journal)

  6. A call.

  7. ''I’ll give you a bell later.''

  8. A signal at a school that tells the students when a class is starting or ending.

  9. The flared end of a brass or woodwind instrument.

  10. Any of a series of strokes on a bell (or similar), struck every half hour to indicate the time (within a four hour watch)

  11. The flared end of a pipe, designed to mate with a narrow spigot.

  12. A device code that produces a beep (or rings a small electromechanical bell on older teleprinters etc.).

  13. Anything shaped like a bell, such as the cup or corolla of a flower.

  14. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest)

  15. The part of the capital of a column included between the abacus and neck molding; also used for the naked core of nearly cylindrical shape, assumed to exist within the leafage of a capital.

  16. An instrument situated on a bicycle's handlebar, used by the cyclist to warn of his or her presence.

  17. To attach a bell to.

  18. ''Who will bell the cat?''

  19. To shape so that it flares out like a bell.

  20. ''to bell a tube''

  21. To telephone.

  22. (quote-book)

  23. To develop bells or corollas; to take the form of a bell; to blossom.

  24. ''Hops bell.''

  25. To bellow or roar.

  26. (RQ:Kipling Jungle Boo)

  27. As the dawn was breaking the Sambhur belled / Once, twice and again!
  28. 1872, (w), ''Fifine at the Fair'':

  29. You acted part so well, went alɬ-fours upon earth / The live-long day, brayed, belled.
  30. 1955, (w), ''The Inheritors'', Faber and Faber 2005, page 128:

  31. Then, incredibly, a rutting stag belled by the trunks.
  32. To utter in a loud manner; to thunder forth.

  33. 1591, (w), ''(w)'':

  34. Their leaders bell their bleating tunes In doleful sound.
  35. The bellow or bay of certain animals, such as a hound on the hunt or a stag in rut.

  36. beautiful

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  39. to dip (gloss)

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