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cheat englannista suomeksi

  1. ruiskattara

  2. pettää

  3. huijari

  4. olla uskoton jklle, pettää jkta

  5. petos

  6. huijaus

  7. myrkkyraiheinä

  1. huijata, luntata

  2. pettää

  3. välttää, huijata

  4. huijari

  5. fusku

  6. huijaus

  7. Substantiivi

cheat englanniksi

  1. To violate rules in order to gain, or attempt to gain, advantage from a situation.

  2. (syn)


  3. To be unfaithful to one's spouse or partner.

  4. To manage to avoid something even though it seemed inevitable.

  5. To deceive; to fool; to trick.

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  9. Someone who cheats.

  10. An act of deception or fraud; that which is the means of fraud or deception.

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  12. The weed cheatgrass.

  13. A card game where the goal is to have no cards remaining in a hand, often by telling lies.

  14. A hidden means of gaining an unfair advantage in a game, often by entering a code.

  15. 1992, Phil Howard, ''Cheat Mode'' (in ''Amstrad Action'' issue 76, January 1992, page 32)

  16. I've had a number of requests for a cheat for Turrican the first. Yes, there is a keypress built in (..)
  17. A sort of low-quality bread.

  18. (quote-book)|page=169|location=London|publisher=Henry Denham|passage=The raueled cheat therfore is generallie ſo made that out of one buſhell of meale, after two and twentie pounds of bran be ſifted and taken from it (wherevnto they ad the gurgeons that riſe from the manchet) they make thirtie cast, euerie lofe weighing eightéene ounces into the ouen and ſixteene ounces out(..)

  19. (quote-book)|publisher=Iohn Bill|url=|passage=Takes part with them, at ſhore: their pureſt cheat, / Thrice boulted, kneaded, and ſubdu'd in paſt(..)|page=3

  20. (quote-book)|publisher=T. Oſborne|location=London|page=339|url=|passage=Where by the way note, that loaves made of pure Wheaten Meal require both more Leaven and more labouring, and more baking than either coarſe Cheat or than Bread Mingled of Meal and Grudgins.

  21. cheat