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kill englannista suomeksi

  1. kuolettaa

  2. hävittää, tuhota

  3. huitaista

  4. näännyttää, uuvuttaa

  5. olla tappava, olla kohtalokas

  6. sammuttaa

  7. surmata, tappaa

  8. tuhoaminen, hävitys

  9. ihailla kuollakseen

  10. surma, tappo

  11. lyödä, juuria

  12. tappaa kipuun

  13. mitätöidä

  14. poistaa

  15. nirhata, murhata

  1. tappaa, surmata poetic, nirhata

  2. sammuttaa

  3. tuhota, tappaa, raakata

  4. tappaa, lopettaa

  5. tappo, poetic surma

  6. kuolinisku

  7. saalis

  8. Verbi

  9. Substantiivi

kill englanniksi

  1. To put to death; to extinguish the life of.

  2. (ux)

  3. (RQ:Shakespeare King Lear)

  4. (RQ:Shakespeare Tempest): (w), I will kill this man : his daughter and I will be King and Queene, ſave our Graces : and ''Trinculo'' and thy ſelfe ſhall be Vice-royes : (..)

  5. To render inoperative.

  6. 1978, (w), ''Fury (1978 film)|The Fury''

  7. ''Peter'': Ask Childers if it was worth his arm.
    ''Policeman'': What did you do to his arm, Peter?
    ''Peter'': I killed it, with a machine gun.
  8. To stop, cease{{, or render void; to terminate.

  9. To amaze, exceed, stun{{, or otherwise incapacitate.

  10. To cause great pain, discomfort{{, or distress to.

  11. (quote-journal)|volume=23|issue=8|issn=1054-4836|page=(gbooks)|passage=(smallcaps) needed to sit down. His back and legs were killing him. "You'll be okay," I assured him. "You just need to shake off the rust."I gave him a couple ofAdvil and, after a few minutes, urged him back onto the track.

  12. To produce feelings of dissatisfaction or revulsion in.

  13. To up or to waste.

  14. 2001, Jonathan Franzen, ''The Corrections''

  15. Except for the shirt, which he’d worn, and the check, which he’d cashed, and the bottle of port, which he’d killed in bed on Christmas night, the gifts from his family were still on the floor of his bedroom.
  16. To exert an overwhelming effect on.

  17. To overpower, overwhelm{{, or defeat.

  18. To force a company out of business.

  19. To produce intense pain.

  20. To punish severely.

  21. (quote-book)

  22. To strike (a ball, etc.) with such force and placement as to make a shot that is impossible to defend against, usually winning a point.

  23. (quote-journal)

  24. To cause (a ball, etc.) to be of play, resulting in a stoppage of gameplay.

  25. To succeed with an audience, especially in comedy.

  26. To cause to assume the value zero.

  27. To disconnect (a user) involuntarily from the network.

  28. To deadmelt.

  29. To sexually penetrate in a skillful way.

  30. (quote-song)

  31. To exert oneself to an excessive degree.

  32. ''Don't kill yourself raking the leaves now; we're due for a windstorm tonight.''

  33. The act of killing.

  34. Specifically, the death blow.

  35. The result of killing; that which has been killed.

  36. (RQ:Kipling Second Jungle Boo)

  37. If ye plunder his ''kill from a weaker, devour not all in thy pride.
  38. The grounding of the ball on the opponent's court, winning the rally.

  39. 2011, the ''34th Catawba College Sports Hall of Fame'', in College|Catawba College's ''Campus Magazine'', Spring/Summer 2011, page 21:

  40. As a senior in 1993, Turner had a kill percentage of 40.8, which was a school record at the time and the best in the SAC. Turner concluded her volleyball career with 1,349 kills, ranking fifth all-time at Catawba.
  41. A creek; a body of water; a channel or arm of the sea.

  42. (alt form)

  43. 2015, Kirilka Stavreva, ''Words Like Daggers'' (page 77)

  44. Admonished that she should “keep the woman's virtue and be more silent,” she countered “that she was 'born in a mill, begot in a kill, she must have her will,' she could speak no softlier.”
  45. Not

  46. (verb form of)

  47. (verb form of)

  48. sow

  49. ring

  50. make noise

  51. cool

  52. (inflection of)

  53. language

  54. female kid (young goat)