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import englannista suomeksi

  1. tuontitavarat, importti

  2. ulkomaalainen

  3. merkitys

  4. tuoda

  5. tärkeys

  6. tuoda maahan

  7. tarkoittaa

  1. tuontitavara, importti slang

  2. tuonti, maahantuonti

  3. tärkeys, merkityksellisyys

  4. tuoda (maahan)">tuoda (maahan)

  5. Substantiivi

import englanniksi

  1. Something brought in from an exterior source, especially for sale or trade.

  2. The practice of importing.

  3. Significance, importance.

  4. (ux)

  5. A foreigner playing in a sports league.

  6. To in|bring (something) in from a foreign country, especially for sale or trade.

  7. (antonyms)

  8. To load a file into a software application from another version or system.

  9. ''How can I import files from older versions of this application?''

  10. To be important; to be significant; to be of consequence.

  11. 1661, (w)

  12. See how much it importeth to learn to take Time by the Fore-Top.
  13. To be of importance to (someone or something).

  14. (quote-book)|passage=''This Letter is mistooke: it importeth none here: It is writ to laquenetta.''

  15. (RQ:Dryden Spanish Frya)

  16. If I endure it, what imports it you?
  17. To be incumbent on (someone to do something).

  18. 1762, (w), ''The History of England'':

  19. ''It imports us to get all the aid and assistance we can.''
  20. To be important or crucial to (that something happen).

  21. 1819, (w), ''(w)'':

  22. ''It much imports your house That all should be made clear.''
  23. To mean, signify.

  24. (RQ:Hooker Law)

  25. Every petition (..) doth (..) always import a multitude of speakers together.
  26. To express, to imply.

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  29. Geographical (l).

  30. A person or people who is/are not native to a city, village or region, but moved there from outside.

  31. Geographical import

  32. (l) (act of importing)

  33. (l) (something brought in from a foreign country)

  34. (l) (gloss)

  35. An (l) (gloss)

  36. import