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much englannista suomeksi

  1. paljon

  2. paljolti

  3. erittäin

  1. paljon

  2. Verbi

  3. Substantiivi

much englanniksi

  1. A large amount of. (defdate)

  2. ''Hurry! We don't have much time!''

    ''They set about the task with much enthusiasm.''

  3. 1816, (w), ''(w)'':

  4. As it was, he did nothing with much zeal, but sport; and his time was otherwise trifled away, without benefit from books or anything else.
  5. 2011, "Wisconsin and wider", ''The Economist'', 24 February:

  6. Unless matters take a nastier turn, neither side has much incentive to compromise.
  7. (n-g)

  8. ''Add this much water and no more.''

    ''Take as much time as you like.''

  9. A great number of; many (people). (defdate)

  10. (RQ:Mlry MrtDrthr):

  11. ye shall not nede to seke hym soo ferre sayd the Kynge / for as I here saye sir Launcelot will abyde me and yow in the Ioyous gard / and moche peple draweth vnto hym as I here saye
  12. 1526, ''Bible'', tr. (w), Matthew VI:

  13. When Jesus was come downe from the mountayne, moch people folowed him.
  14. 1897, (w), ''(w)'':

  15. There wasn't much people about that day.
  16. Many ( + plural countable noun). (defdate)

  17. 1977, (w), ''So Much Things to Say'':

  18. They got so much things to say right now, they got so much things to say.
  19. Large, great. (defdate)

  20. Thenne launcelot vnbarred the dore / and with his lyfte hand he held it open a lytel / so that but one man myghte come in attones / and soo there came strydyng a good knyghte a moche man and large / and his name was Colgreuaunce / of Gore / and he with a swerd strake at syr launcelot myȝtely and he put asyde the stroke
  21. Long in duration.

  22. To a great extent.

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  24. (RQ:Marshall Squire's Daughter)

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  26. (quote-journal)

  27. Often; frequently.

  28. ''I don't like Wagner as much as I like Mozart.''

  29. Almost.

  30. A large amount or great extent.

  31. ''From those to whom much has been given much is expected.''

    ''We lay awake for much of the night''.

  32. to end

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  34. (apocopic form of); very, greatly

  35. c. 1200, Almerich, ''de Ultramar|Fazienda de Ultramar'', f. 36r.

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