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abstract englannista suomeksi

  1. irtautua

  2. abstrakti

  3. ajatusluomus

  4. anastaa

  5. tehdä tiivistelmä, tiivistää

  6. abstrahoida

  7. käsitteellinen

  8. tiivistelmä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. tiivistelmä

  3. aineellistuma

  4. käsite, abstraktio

  5. abstrakti teos">abstrakti teos

  6. käsite

  7. uute

  8. uuttaa / uutettu

  9. erillinen

  10. poissaoleva

  11. teoreettinen, abstrakti

  12. vaikeaselkoinen, abstrakti

  13. abstrakti

  14. yleinen

  15. Verbi

  16. eristää, erottaa

  17. vetää

  18. poistaa, puhaltaa

  19. abstrahoida

  20. tiivistää

  21. tuumia

  22. viedä huomio">viedä huomio

  23. uuttaa

  24. vetäytyä

abstract englanniksi

  1. An abridgement or summary of a longer publication. (defdate)(R:SOED5)

  2. (RQ:Watts Improvement)

  3. Something that concentrates in itself the qualities of a larger item, or multiple items. (defdate)

  4. 1628, (w), ''(w)''

  5. Man, the abstract Of all perfection, which the workmanship Of Heaven hath modeled.
  6. Concentrated essence of a product.

  7. A powdered solid extract of a medicinal substance mixed with lactose.(cite-book)

  8. An abstraction; an abstract term; that which is abstract. (defdate)

  9. (RQ:Mill System of Logic)

  10. The theoretical way of looking at things; something that exists only in idealized form. (defdate)

  11. An abstract work of art. (defdate)

  12. A summary title of the key points detailing a tract of land, for ownership; of title.

  13. Derived; extracted. (defdate)

  14. Drawn away; removed from; apart from; separate. (defdate)

  15. 17th century, Norris (philosopher)|John Norris (philosopher), ''The Oxford Dictionary'':

  16. The more abstract we are from the body ... the more fit we shall be to behold divine light.
  17. Not concrete: conceptual, ideal. (defdate)

  18. (syn)



  19. Insufficiently factual.(R:MW3 1976)

  20. Apart from practice or reality; vague; theoretical; impersonal; not applied.

  21. (quote-book)| url= https://books.google.co.nz/books?id=oZ8UDxYpUCoC |isbn= 9781579581527 |passage=During the late 1950s and throughout the 1960s, this commitment brought him into frequent critical confrontation with entrenched forms of conservative thinking (in academic areas from history and social science to the more abstract domains of ethical and political philosophy),(..)

  22. As a noun, denoting a concept or intangible as opposed to an object, place, or person.

  23. Difficult to understand; abstruse; hard to conceptualize. (defdate)

  24. (quote-book)|title=(w)| passage=Abstract words such as glory, honour, courage, or hallow were obscene.

  25. Separately expressing a property or attribute of an object that is considered to be inherent to that object: attributive, ascriptive. (defdate)

  26. 1843, (w), ''(w)'', Volume 1, page 34,

  27. A concrete name is a name which stands for a thing; ''an abstract name which stands for an attribute of a thing''...
  28. Pertaining comprehensively to, or representing, a class or group of objects, as opposed to any specific object; considered apart from any application to a particular object: general, generic, nonspecific; representational. (defdate)

  29. A concrete name is a name which stands for a thing; an abstract name which stands for an attribute of a thing.(..)A practice, however, has grown up in more modern times, which, if not introduced by Locke, has gained currency from his example, of applying the expression ''"abstract name" to all names which are the result of abstraction and generalization, and consequently to all general names'', instead of confining it to the names of attributes.
  30. (Q)

  31. Absent-minded. (defdate)

  32. (RQ:Milton Paradise Lost)

  33. abstract, as in a trance
  34. (quote-book)| title=(w)| passage=White and abstract-looking, he sat and ate his dinner.

  35. Pertaining to the formal aspect of art, such as the lines, colors, shapes, and the relationships among them. (defdate)

  36. Free from representational qualities, in particular the non-representational styles of the 20th century. (defdate)

  37. (RQ:Huxley Crome Yellow)

  38. Absolute.

  39. Lacking a story.

  40. Being a partial basis for subclasses rather than a complete template for objects.

  41. To separate; to disengage. (defdate)

  42. (RQ:Scott Peveril of the Peak)

  43. To remove; to away; withdraw. (defdate)

  44. (quote-book)| title=Illustration of Political Economy| volume=IX| passage=The lightning of the public burdens, which at present abstract a large proportion of profits and wages.

  45. To steal; to take away; to remove without permission. (defdate)

  46. 1872, (w), ''The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton''

  47. Von Rosen had quietly abstracted the bearing-reins from the harness.
  48. (quote-book)

  49. 2014, A P Simester, J R Spencer, G R Sullivan, ''Simester and Sullivan's Criminal La Theory and Doctrine''

  50. Section 13 of the 1968 Act enacts a separate offence of dishonestly abstracting electricity. The separate offence is needed because electricity, like other forms of energy such as heat, is not property.
  51. To summarize; to abridge; to epitomize. (defdate)

  52. To conceptualize an ideal subgroup by means of the generalization of an attribute, as follows: by |apprehending an attribute inherent to one individual, then separating that attribute and contemplating it by itself, then conceiving of that attribute as a general quality, then despecifying that conceived quality with respect to several or many individuals, and by then ideating a group composed of those individuals perceived to possess said quality.

  53. To extract by means of distillation. (defdate)

  54. (quote-book)| title=Antonio's Revenge| passage=Poison from roses who could e'er abstract?| section=Act II, Scene I

  55. To consider abstractly; to contemplate separately or by itself; to consider theoretically; to look at as a general quality. (defdate)

  56. (quote-book)| volume=II| author=(w)| passage=To abstract the notions of time, of space, and of matter.

  57. To withdraw oneself; to retire. (defdate)

  58. To draw off (interest or attention).

  59. June 1869, (w), ''Late for the Train'' (published in ''Blackwood's Magazine'')

  60. The young stranger had been abstracted and silent.

    ''He was wholly abstracted by other objects.''

  61. To perform the process of abstraction.

  62. 1710, (w), ''Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge|A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge''

  63. I own myself able to abstract in one sense.
  64. To create abstractions.

  65. To produce an abstraction, usually by refactoring existing code. Generally used with "out".

  66. ''He abstracted out the square root function.''

  67. (l)

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  69. Drawn away or out of; detached:

  70. Excerpted; quoted from another text.

  71. Out of one's mind or detached from reality; temporarily insane.

  72. Having been (pulled or moved) above the ground.

  73. Barely comprehensible; hard to read.

  74. (l) (gloss).

  75. (l), synopsis

  76. abstract

  77. abstract

  78. abstract

  79. abstract