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steal englannista suomeksi

  1. löytö, hyvä kauppa

  2. viedä, ryövätä, varastaa

  3. steal

  4. pujahtaa, luikahtaa

  5. ottaa varaslähtö

  1. Verbi

  2. varastaa, ryövätä

  3. varkain, vaivihkaa

  4. viedä huomio">viedä huomio, varastaa

  5. hiipiä

  6. kärkkyä

  7. Substantiivi

  8. löytö

  9. varastaminen, varkaus

steal englanniksi

  1. To take illegally, or without the owner's permission, something owned by someone else without intending to return it.

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  5. To appropriate without giving credit or acknowledgement.

  6. To get or effect surreptitiously or artfully.

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  8. (RQ:Bacon Essayes)and do not think to steal it.

  9. To acquire at a low price.

  10. To draw attention unexpectedly in (an entertainment), especially by being the outstanding performer. Usually used in the phrase the show.

  11. To move silently or secretly.

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  14. To convey (something) clandestinely.

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  16. To withdraw or convey (oneself) clandestinely.

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  19. To advance safely to (another base) during the delivery of a pitch, without the aid of a hit, walk, passed ball, wild pitch, or defensive indifference.

  20. To dispossess

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  22. To borrow for a short moment.

  23. take, plagiarize, tell on a joke, use a well-worded expression in one's own parlance or writing

  24. The act of stealing.

  25. A piece of merchandise available at a very low, attractive price.

  26. ''At this price, this car is a steal.''

  27. A situation in which a defensive player actively takes possession of the ball or puck from the opponent's team.

  28. A base.

  29. Scoring in an end without the hammer.

  30. A policy in database systems that a database follows which allows a transaction to be written on nonvolatile storage before its commit occurs.