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commit englannista suomeksi

  1. uskoa, uskoa jklle

  2. tehdä

  3. omistaa

  4. varata jtak

  5. passittaa

  1. Verbi

  2. uskoa (jonkun haltuun)">uskoa (jonkun haltuun), luovuttaa

  3. vangita

  4. laittaa, sijoittaa

  5. tehdä

  6. lähteä, liittyä, ilmoittautua

  7. vaarantaa

  8. vahvistaa databases, tallettaa version control

  9. Substantiivi

  10. vahvistus databases, sitoutuminen databases, talletus version control, kommitti version control, pysyvä muutos">pysyvä muutos version control, toimitus version control

commit englanniksi

  1. To give in trust; to put into charge or keeping; to entrust; to consign; used with ''to'' or formerly ''unto''.

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  5. To put in charge of a jailer; to imprison.

  6. To have (a person) enter an establishment, such as a hospital or asylum, as a patient.

  7. (ux)

  8. To do (something bad); to perpetrate, as a crime, sin, or fault.

  9. To enter into a contest; to match; often followed by ''with''(R:Oxford English Dictionary).

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  11. (quote-book)and from hence ( as when Fire and Water are committed together ) ariſeth a most troubleſome conflict.

  12. (quote-book)|quotee=Lord Castlereagh|editor= Sidney James Owen|chapter=part II, chapter VII|location=Oxford|publisher=Clarendon Press|page=263|url=|passage=(..)whilst it commits us in hostility with the three greatest military powers of the empire.

  13. To pledge or bind; to compromise, expose, or endanger by some decisive act or preliminary step. (q)

  14. 8 March, 1769, (w), ''of Junius/Letter VIII|letter to the Duke of Grafton''

  15. You might have satisfied every duty of political friendship, without committing the honour of your sovereign.
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  17. Any sudden assent to the proposal(..)might possibly be considered as committing the faith of the United States.
  18. To make a set of changes permanent.

  19. To confound.

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  21. To commit an offence; especially, to fornicate.

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  24. To be committed or perpetrated; to take place; to occur.

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  26. The act of committing (e.g. a database transaction or code into a control repository), making it a permanent change.

  27. (quote-book)

  28. (inflection of)