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keep englannista suomeksi

  1. pitää

  2. ylläpitää

  3. säilyttää

  4. kasvattaa

  5. keskustorni, torni

  6. majoittaa

  7. pysyä

  8. tallentaa

  9. suojella

  10. koppi

  11. hoitaa

  12. jatkaa

  13. torjua

  14. säilöä

  15. seurata

  16. pitää kiinni

  17. elatus

  18. säilyä

  1. Verbi

  2. pitää

  3. pitää, säilyttää

  4. pysyä

  5. jatkaa; jatkuvasti adverb; used with verb

  6. Substantiivi

  7. keskustorni

  8. elanto

keep englanniksi

  1. To continue in (a course or mode of action); not to intermit or fall from; to uphold or maintain.

  2. (ux)

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  4. Both day and night did we keep company.
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  6. Within the portal as I kept my watch,
  7. ''To hold the status of something.''

  8. To maintain possession of.

  9. (label) To maintain the condition of; to preserve in a certain state.

  10. (quote-book)

  11. {{quote-book|en|year=1935|author=George Goodchild

  12. To record transactions, accounts, or events in.

  13. To enter (accounts, records, etc.) in a book.

  14. To remain in, to be confined to.

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  17. The wrathful skies / Gallow the very wanderers of the dark / And make them keep their caves.
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  19. The following day she was so ill that she kept her bed; the husband went not once to enquire for her, nor did he send any message: he also kept his apartment, and was heard walking backwards and forwards with a hurried pace the whole of that day.
  20. To restrain.

  21. To over, after, guard, protect.

  22. 1590, (w), ''(w)'', II.viii:

  23. cursse on thy cruell hond, / That twise hath sped; yet shall it not thee keepe / From the third brunt of this my fatall brond(nb..).
  24. To supply with necessities and financially support a person.

  25. To raise; to care for.

  26. 1914, Robert Joos, ''Success with Hens'', Forbes & company, p.217:

  27. Of course boys are boys and need watching, but there is little watching necessary when they keep chickens.
  28. (quote-journal)|title=Devon woman jailed for 168 days for killing kitten in microwave

  29. To maintain (an establishment or institution); to conduct; to manage.

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  31. like a pedant that keeps a school
  32. 1630, (w), ''The Life, and Raigne of King Edward the Sixt'', London: John Partridge, p.(nbs)114,

  33. They were honourably accompanied and with great estate brought to London, where euery of them kept house by himselfe.
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  35. At half-past nine on this Saturday evening, the parlour of the Salutation Inn, High Holborn, contained most of its customary visitors.(..)In former days every tavern of repute kept such a room for its own select circle, a club, or society, of habitués, who met every evening, for a pipe and a cheerful glass.
  36. To have habitually in stock for sale.

  37. ''To hold or be held in a state.''

  38. To reside for a time; to lodge; to dwell.

  39. (circa) (w), ''(w)'', Act V, Scene(nbs)2,

  40. Knock at his study, where, they say, he keeps,
    To ruminate strange plots of dire revenge;
  41. To continue.

  42. (quote-book)|chapter=22

  43. (quote-journal)

  44. To remain edible or otherwise usable.

  45. 1707, John Mortimer, ''The Whole Art of Husbandry''

  46. If the malt be not thoroughly dried, the ale it makes will not keep.
  47. To remain in a state.

  48. To for, keep watch for.

  49. (RQ:Mlry MrtDrthr):

  50. And thenne whan the damoysel knewe certaynly that he was not syre launcelot / thenne she took her leue and departed from hym / And thenne syre Trystram rode pryuely vnto the posterne where kepte hym la beale Isoud / and there she made hym good chere and thanked god of his good spede
  51. To act as wicket-keeper.

  52. To take care; to be solicitous; to watch.

  53. (circa) (w), ''A Pathway into the holy Scripture'' in ''The Whole Workes of W. Tyndall, Iohn Frith, and Doct. Barnes'', London: John Day, 1573, p.(nbs)384,

  54. (..) kepe that the lustes choke not the word of God that is sowen in vs,
  55. To be in session; to take place.

  56. To observe; to adhere to; to fulfill; not to swerve from or violate.

  57. 1611, ''(w) of the (w)'', (w) 4.7,

  58. I have kept the faith:
  59. 1667, (w), ''(w)'', London, Book 7, lines 1271-1272,

  60. Be strong, live happie, and love, but first of all
    Him whom to love is to obey, and keep
    His great command;
  61. To visit (a place) often; to frequent.

  62. (circa) (w), ''(w)'', Act III, Scene 1,

  63. (..) ’tis hallowed ground;
    No Maid seeks here her strayed Cow, or Sheep,
    Fairies, and fawns, and satyrs do it keep:
  64. To observe or celebrate (a holiday).

  65. The main tower of a castle or fortress, located within the castle walls.

  66. (syn)

  67. The food or money required to keep someone alive and healthy; one's support, maintenance.

  68. The act or office of keeping; custody; guard; care; heed; charge; notice.

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  70. (quote).
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  72. (quote)
  73. The state of being kept; hence, the resulting condition; case.

  74. That which is kept in charge; a charge.

  75. A cap for holding something, such as a journal box, in place.

  76. cloak, capote, gaberdine

  77. notice; note; observance

  78. ''take keep'' — “take note”

  79. (RQ:Chaucer Canterbury)

  80. And shame it is, if a preest take keep
    A shiten shepherde and a clene sheep
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