suomi-englanti sanakirja

ilmoittautua englanniksi

  1. report

  2. send in

  3. sign up

  4. register

  1. to enrol/enroll in, register in (''school'' = kouluun, ''a course'' = kurssille)

  2. to up for, join (gloss)

  3. ''Terry ilmoittautui jalkapallojoukkueeseen.''

    Terry signed up for / joined the soccer team.

  4. to enter (''a competition, contest'' = kilpailuun)

  5. to report (to show up or appear at an appointed time; to present oneself)

  6. to register, in, in, report (to the reception / receptionist, office, or medical staff), say / give your name to the receptionist, in / complete your registration (form)