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register englannista suomeksi

  1. uunin pelti

  2. kirjata

  3. kirjata nimensä

  4. näyttää

  5. rekisteri

  6. huomata

  7. hormi, venttiili

  8. kassakone

  9. luettelo

  10. tulla ymmärretyksi, mennä perille

  11. rekisteröidä

  12. merkitä

  13. näkyä

  14. ilmoittautua, rekisteröityä

  1. Substantiivi

  2. rekisteri

  3. rekisteröinti

  4. loki

  5. tasapaino

  6. ääniala, rekisteri

  7. ritilä

  8. Verbi

  9. merkitä, rekisteröidä

  10. rekisteröidä

  11. ilmaista

  12. kirjata

  13. rekisteröityä

  14. ilmoittautua

  15. ojennus / olla ojennuksessa

register englanniksi

  1. A formal recording of names, events, transactions, etc.

  2. (ux)

  3. A book of such entries.

  4. (RQ:Shakespeare Merry Wives) turn another into the register of your own.

  5. An entry in such a book.

  6. The act of registering.

  7. A certificate issued by the collector of customs of a port or district to the owner of a vessel, containing the description of a vessel, its name, ownership, and other material facts. It is kept on board the vessel, to be used as evidence of nationality or as a muniment of title.

  8. One who registers or records; a registrar; especially, a public officer charged with the duty of recording certain transactions or events.

  9. ''a register of deeds''

  10. A distinct horizontal (or, more rarely, vertical) section of a of art or inscription that is divided into several such sections.

  11. (quote-book)

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  13. A device that automatically records a quantity.

  14. The part of a telegraphic apparatus that automatically records the message received.

  15. A list of received calls in a set.

  16. A small unit of very fast memory that is directly accessible to the processing unit, and is mostly used to store inputs, outputs{{, or intermediate results of computations.

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  19. The exact alignment of lines, margins{{, and colors.

  20. The inner part of the mould in which types are cast.

  21. The range of a voice or instrument.

  22. An organ stop.

  23. (senseid) A style of a language used in a particular context.

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  25. A grille at the outflow of a ventilation duct, capable of being opened and closed to direct the air flow.

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  30. (clipping of)

  31. To enter in a register; to enlist.

  32. (syn)

  33. To sign-up, especially to vote.

  34. (quote-journal)

  35. To record, especially in writing.

  36. To buy the full version of trial software by providing one's details and payment.

  37. To express outward signs.

  38. To record officially and handle specially.

  39. To make or adjust so as to be properly or precisely aligned.

  40. To place one's name, or have one's name placed in a register.

  41. ''They registered for school.''

  42. To make an impression.

  43. (RQ:Rushdie Fury)

  44. To be in proper alignment; to align or correspond exactly.

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  47. To voluntarily sign over for safe keeping, abandoning complete ownership for partial.

  48. database, registry, data repository

  49. Hun er ikke i registret for varulve.

    She is not in the registry of werewolves.

  50. (l)

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  53. (rfdef)

  54. A (l), an index, esp. as an appendix in a book.

  55. A (l), a lodger.

  56. A (l), a musical range.

  57. A (l), a style of language, e.g. with respect to formality and politeness.

  58. A (l), an organ stop.

  59. register, registry

  60. (l):

  61. a formal recording of names, events, transactions etc.

  62. the exact alignment of lines, margins and colors.

  63. a small unit of very fast memory that is directly accessible to the central processing unit, and is mostly used to store inputs, outputs or intermediate results of computations.

  64. a (l) (qualifier)

  65. a (l) (qualifier)

  66. a (l) (q)

  67. a (l) (q)

  68. a register, a list, an index, a catalog, a directory, a database

  69. a machine that keeps a register, a register