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suicide englannista suomeksi

  1. itsemurhaaja

  2. itsemurha

  1. Substantiivi

  2. itsemurha

  3. itsemurhaaja

  4. Verbi

suicide englanniksi

  1. (senseid) Intentional killing of oneself.

  2. (syn)

  3. 1904, MacGrath|Harold MacGrath, ''The Man On The Box'', ch. 22:

  4. The cowardice of suicide was abhorrent to him.
  5. (quote-song)|composer=(w)|lyricist=Mike Altman|passage=I realize and I can see / That suicide is painless / It brings on many changes / And I can take or leave it if I please

  6. {{quote-journal|en|date=April 19, 2012

  7. A particular instance of a person intentionally killing themself, or of multiple people doing so.

  8. 1919, Wallace|Edgar Wallace, ''The Secret House'', ch. 14:

  9. There had been half a dozen mysterious suicides which had been investigated by Scotland Yard.
  10. {{quote-book|en|year=1999|author=Philip H. Melling|title=Fundamentalism in America: Millennialism, Identity and Militant Religion|pageurl=|page=192|publisher=Edinburgh University Press|isbn=978-0-7486-0978-9

  11. (senseid) A person who has intentionally killed themself.

  12. (RQ:Maugham Of Human Bondage)

  13. An action that could cause the literal or figurative death of a person or organization, although death is not the aim of the action.

  14. (coi)

  15. 1959, Dirksen|Everett Dirksen, in the ''Congressional Record'', Feb. 9, page 2100:

  16. (..) I do not want the Congress or the country to commit fiscal suicide on the installment plan.
  17. {{quote-book|en|year=2000|author=Douglas Preston|author2=Lincoln Child|title=The Ice Limit|isbn=0446525871

  18. (quote-book) it's suicide to change jobs in mid-career.

  19. (quote-video game)|title=(w)|location=Redwood City|publisher=Electronic Arts|year=2010|platform=PC|scene=Normandy SR-2|genre=fiction|Science Fiction|oclc=865290061|passage=Miranda: No good. Both routes are blocked. See these doors? The only way past is to get someone to open them from the other side.Shepard: It's not a fortress; there's got to be something. Here, maybe we can send someone in through this ventilation shaft.Jacob: Practically a suicide mission. I volunteer.Miranda: I appreciate the thought, Jacob, but you couldn't shut down the security systems in time. We need to send a tech expert.

  20. (quote-web)

  21. (quote-av) overpowered the officers - willing to fight, but ''not'' willing to commit suicide.

  22. A beverage combining all available flavors at a fountain.

  23. {{quote-book|en|year=1994|author=Christopher Buckley|title=Cruising State: Growing Up in Southern California|publisher=University of Nevada Press|isbn=0-87417-247-0|pageurl=|page=34

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  25. A diabolo trick where one of the sticks is released and allowed to rotate 360° round the diabolo until it is caught by the hand that released it.

  26. A run comprising a series of sprints of increasing lengths, each followed immediately by a return to the start, with no pause between one sprint and the next.

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  28. A children's game of throwing a ball against a wall and at other players, who are eliminated by being struck.

  29. Pertaining to a bombing.

  30. To kill oneself intentionally.

  31. 1917, (w), ''Anne's House of Dreams'', ch. 11:

  32. "Her husband suicided three years ago. Just like a man!"
  33. 1953, (w), ''The Long Goodbye'', Penguin 2010, page 136:

  34. Seems a lady poet suicided at Verringer's ranch in Sepulveda canyon one time.
  35. To kill (someone) and make their death appear to have been a suicide rather than a homicide (qualifier).

  36. 1898 October 29, in ''Punch, or the London charivari'', page 196:

  37. Have bought ''The Shanghai Chopsticks''. Proprietor at first refused to sell, but when I ordered the boiling oil he became more reasonable. Editor reports that circulation is not what it ought to be. (..) Will publish proclaimation, "Any person found not in possession of ''The Shanghai Chopsticks'' (current number) will be suicided."
  38. (quote-book)

  39. {{quote-book|en|date=2013-09-23|author=Philip Willan|title=The Vatican at War: From Blackfriars Bridge to Buenos Aires|publisher=iUniverse|isbn=9781491707944|page=257

  40. To self-destruct.

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  44. (monikko) it|suicida

  45. suicide

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