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merchandise englannista suomeksi

  1. valmiste

  2. markkinoida

  1. tuotteet (monikko) , myyntituotteet (monikko) , kauppatavarat (monikko)

  2. oheistuote; oheistuotteet (monikko) collectively

  3. kauppatavara

  4. kauppa, kaupankäynti

  5. Verbi

merchandise englanniksi

  1. Goods which are or were offered or intended for sale.

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  5. Commercial goods connected (branded) with an entity such as a team, band, company, charity, work of fiction, festival, or meme. (q).

  6. A commodity offered for sale; an article of commerce; a kind of merchandise.

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  9. The act or business of trading; trade; traffic.

  10. To engage in trade; to carry on commerce.

  11. To engage in in-store promotion of the sale of goods, as by display and arrangement of goods.

  12. To engage in the trade of.

  13. To engage in in-store promotion of the sale of.

  14. To promote as if for sale.

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