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knock englannista suomeksi

  1. nakutus, koputus

  2. lyönti

  3. isku, kolhaisu

  4. koputella

  5. nakuttaa

  6. kolaus, kolhu

  7. törmätä

  8. koputtaa

  9. tyrmätä

  10. lyödä

  11. ankara kritiikki

  1. Substantiivi

  2. koputus

  3. isku

  4. nakutus

  5. Verbi

  6. koputtaa, koputella, nakuttaa

  7. kolhaista, kolauttaa

  8. tyrmätä

knock englanniksi

  1. An abrupt rapping sound, as from an impact of a hard object against wood.

  2. (ux)

  3. A sharp impact.

  4. A criticism.

  5. 2012, Tom Lamont, ''How Mumford & Sons became the biggest band in the world'' (in ''The Daily Telegraph'', 15 November 2012)

  6. Since forming in 2007 Mumford & Sons have hard-toured their way to a vast market for throaty folk that's strong on banjo and bass drum. They have released two enormous albums. But, wow, do they take some knocks back home.
  7. A blow or setback.

  8. 1950, C. S. Lewis, ''The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe''

  9. "Come on!" cried Mr. Beaver, who was almost dancing with delight. "Come and see! This is a nasty knock for the Witch! It looks as if her power was already crumbling."
  10. Preignition, a type of abnormal combustion occurring in spark ignition engines caused by self-ignition; also, the characteristic knocking sound associated with it.

  11. A batsman's innings.

  12. (synonym of)

  13. To strike for admittance; to rap upon, as a door.

  14. (RQ:Shakespeare Comedy of Errors)

  15. To criticize verbally; to denigrate; to undervalue.

  16. (quote-book)

  17. To kick a ball towards another player; to pass.

  18. (quote-web)|date=11 January 2011|passage=Despite enjoying more than their fair share of possession the visitors did not look like creating anything, with their lack of a killer ball painfully obvious as they harmlessly knocked the ball around outside the home side's box without ever looking like they would hurt them.

  19. To impress forcibly or strongly; to astonish; to move to admiration or applause.

  20. To bump or impact.

  21. (RQ:Baum Wizard of Oz)

  22. To rap one's knuckles against something, especially wood.

  23. (RQ:Bunyan Pilgrim's Progress)

  24. (alt form)